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<3 <3 <3 (FFXI and then RL/ books)

I'm just overflowing with love today. <3 I'd like to grab each and every person in this screenshot and hug them all! (Screenshot not taken by me, mostly I was too distracted to take any!)

I had considered asking everyone to gather before the DRK AF3 battle so I could take a group shot, but people were getting twitchy and wanted to start it, so I didn't want to waste more time. So the above shot is the closest thing to a group shot that we have! :)

Would you believe I actually forgot to bring food? Eek. I had a dozen hi-potions, eye drops, all sorts of meds... yet I forgot food. "Noob!" Yes yes.

I hadn't mentioned anything in my last post about the fight, other than it was fast. At the very beginning, it had actually worried me for a moment: Ebin spawned the mobs, and the very first thing one of them did? Sleepga'ed us! (Non-players: A sleep spell that hits a whole area instead of one person.) So there we all were, just standing there asleep! Heehee. Eventually people woke up one by one, and the mages woke some folks, and we got to work.

While we were planning things, it looked like we wouldn't even have two full parties of people, but as you can see in the shot, we ended up with nearly a full alliance. Handy.

I get such a warm feeling inside at all the people who turned out to help just two of us. Nothing at all in it for them, other than a chance to help LS members. Such good people, I love them all. :)

Much <3 to CTY!


RL/book foo:

As I mentioned a while back, I'm trying to catch up on the Stephen King books I haven't read yet. I bought five or so of them from Amazon, and I'm reading them in the order I pulled them out of the box. Insomnia had been first, then next I read Desperation.

I'm not sure if Desperation didn't work for me because of the writing/characters, or if I hadn't been in the mood to read it. I finished reading it last week but never mentioned it because I didn't like it much. (I didn't dislike it at all, I just didn't like it much either.) It was a classic "haunted house" story, just set in a town instead of one single house. I didn't like most of the characters, I didn't believe a lot of the plot, and in general it just didn't work for me. (I really, really liked the kid character, the boy with a connection to God. I wish King had focused the story more around him than the others.) The book did have one really high point for me: The ending. As much as most of the book hadn't worked for me, I almost cried on the last page. King's so good. :)

As I had been hoping, Desperation did have a few small connections to the Dark Tower series. Just little things, like use of words from the other books. (Can Toi and others.)

Well, I finished Desperation, stuck it onto the shelf, and reached blindly into the box to pick my next one to read. Salem's Lot. (Go ahead, laugh at me for having not read one of his biggest books.)

While a number of the books I ordered were just at random, Salem's Lot hadn't been. I knew one of the Tower's characters was from Lot, so I wanted to read it to see his background. (I really, really, really liked him a lot in the Tower book (books? I think he was in more than one), so I wanted to find out all there was to know about him.) Not mentioning his name here so as not to spoil a certain someone who hasn't finished the Tower series yet. :)

I'm only a chapter or so in, but I'm enjoying it muchly so far. I only have one or two books left in the box, so I suppose I should put another order in soon...
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