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FFXI Census

You can find all the information here on the official site. Some things that caught my eye as I read through it.

1) 41% of all characters are mules. That's an almost boggling number. I hate to sound like one of those who consider S-E to be making some sort of conspiracy against players, but think how much extra money they're making on all those mule characters, just because players need more storage space...

2) The most popular item bid on at the Jeuno Auction House is Shihei (about 2.66% of all the bids). Hmmm. Hmmm. That would explain the two characters in Sandy who do nothing but synth it 24/7. I keep shying away from entering that market myself, but... The arrow market is good money for me, but could I do better? Should I try? (See also: Me not liking to fight for things. I'd rather not enter a too-hot market because I don't want to have to fight with other sellers and relist stuff and deal with price wars and stuff.) But if the money would be much better...

3) Dark Knight is the least popular job, and is falling. Eek. (Oh wait, I guess it's the least popular before the others which are so unpopular they fall into "others"?) Silly people. DRK is a good, powerful, versatile job!

4) I continue to be the least common hume size. Yay small hume males! ( Shut up, LS people. :P ) My face type (yay bowl cut!) is the second most popular. I blame the lying character creation screen. The end result does NOT look like this! I'd be happier if it did!

5) The breakdown of beastman jobs is really interesting. I've never encountered a Sahagin DRG. Do they have a pet?

6) The info on most popular items sold could be a good resource if you're wondering what to farm for.

7) The crafting info is depressing and confirms that I really made a mistake by taking leather so high.

Such interesting information! I wish they did this more than once a year! And I love the note they closed the report on. "Until one day when we meet in Vana'diel..." :) :) :)
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