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LJ Firefox users? And RL + FFXI

Hey. Is anyone who is using Firefox having serious issues with LJ? When using Firefox, the posting page and the comment-leaving pages will never load. Period. It tries and tries but never times out and never loads (I left a window trying overnight, 10+ hours and no success and no timing out.) It started yesterday (I've made no changes at all to Firefox in ages). It's driving me batty because I have to keep an IE window open for posting and comment-leaving. (See an entry I want to comment on? Copy the "leave a comment" link, go to IE and paste it there, then load the page and can leave the comment... then return to Firefox for reading.)

Two weeks until my vacation starts, and just a little longer than that until my mother arrives. I love her lots, but her visits always mean stress for me. I need to clean my apartment from top to bottom, otherwise she cleans when she's here. (Me, "It's your vacation too, mom. Stop that!" Her, "Oh, just let me do this one thing. Won't it look nicer when it's clean?") Yeah, I could hire some cleaning person to come in, but 1) if I can do it myself, why pay someone else? and 2) I don't want some random stranger seeing and touching my stuff. So I somehow have to make time to do intense cleaning. Bah.

FFXI: Last night was both okay and bad. I got RDM up to 8, and I'm enjoying the job quite a bit. (More MP than if it was some other job with /WHM, enough MP to do more than just "cure to survive". Plus, I'm able to kick ass nicely.) At 7 I returned to town so I could outfit myself in armor for the first time (why does leather armor look so horrible? Especially the headband...). I would have leveled further, but signet wore off (I hadn't refreshed it that day).

I was hoping to be able to go to the Dunes on Saturday (ha ha, what a statement), but that's not going to happen. I have just tonight left to level. (I'd like to solo to 15 before going to the Dunes (so that I can chocobo there), but I'm not sure if that'll happen.)

So after I finished leveling, things went downhill. I went chocobo digging, which somehow has actually gotten worse since the "Iron Cap Hayday" when I did it all the time. Nine times out of ten, a zone is totally dug out when I get there. The only zones I ever have success in are East and West Ron, and those give little but crap. (Okay, all of digging gives little but crap, but at least some crap is better than other.) I paid 7K in greens, and got 2 bones and a couple pebbles. My only hope (and reason I continue) is that supposedly every /dig is one tiny step closer to leveling.

While digging, I was able to get a close look at a very cool monster! (Non-players: while on a chocobo you cannot be attacked, so it's safe to get close to things you otherwise wouldn't.)

A manticore! Doesn't it look cool? Like an evil demon mutant cat thing! Though you can't see it in the shot, it has a long tail with giant spikes on it. Highly cool!

I love this picture. :) It looks like the manticore's attention has been caught by my digging! Typical curious cat. :)

And after that, things got even worse. In an effort to make space, I decided to do a little leathercrafting. I am level 86 leather. I tried to do four synths: Two level 2, one level 5, and one level 20. And what happened? Every One Failed. Two were critical failures, costing me a few thousand gil. I swear to god, that sends me into such a rage. That SHOULD NOT HAPPEN. Period. 80 fucking levels above the synth, and I fail not once, not twice, but three times in a row (and then fail on 60+ levels over!). This is the second time (out of two times leather synthing) that I was this close to dropping my apron and gloves.

I know this sounds paranoid and insane, but I swear to god it feels like the game/leathercraft is out to get me. Last night is COMMON, the same exact thing happened last time I tried these low level synths. (And in both cases, the moon and days were neutral -- NOT that they should have any affect at the level I'm at.) And if that wasn't enough proof?

I did 5 synths for Nim. Every single one HQed.
I did the same 5 synth for myself right after. 3 failed, 2 NQed.
So I tried a lower level synth. All failed.

I tried to make an item for Ceh. It HQed. (Which was bad, as she needed it NQ.)
I try to make something lower level for myself. It fails.

This really, really feels personal. I know that's crazy, but the evidence is there. I hate leathercrafting and it hates me. (And while this sounds sort of like Xal's Maat issue, unlike her I can't do any sort of prep work to increase my success. Hell, I've DONE all the practice and prep work!)

It's just insane, and it fills me with such hatred. There is no way I should fail low level leather so much. I should HQ the hell out of it, not have crit failures. It Does Not Make Sense.

Bah. Bah. Bah.
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