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A blog of blargs?

Nothing like being at work with an icky stomach. Stop gurgling! You kept me up all last night sick, you can't be sick now while I'm at work! Just stop it, okay? ...please?

Other than eating pizza that made me want to die, last night was a good night. After some confusion as to what was going on, I was let "free" (on FFXI) to do my own stuff. :P I got two things off my list that needed doing!

1) I finally, finally cleared my fomor hate. This darned item has been on my list forever. With my few extra levels, it finally seemed a reasonable time to try it. Though the mobs conned as TW- or TW-- (non-players: you can check and see how strong a monster is compared to you. TW = too weak (you won't get XP), and - or -- means they're even easier), the fights actually weren't too easy. So long as I got only one orc at a time I had very little risk of death, but the stupid things kept standing together so it was hard to pull one away.

The DRK and RNG orcs were easiest. RNGs couldn't hit me with their range attacks and the DRKs kept casting silly things on me (sure, try to sleep me after you poison me. Ha ha ha!). The only trouble were the darned DRG orcs. "Look! A Thistle! *stab*stab*stab*" I kept thinking I had pulled Aurian by mistake!

2) I got my scythe! I got my scythe! I got my scythe! I pulled in all my arrow money off my mules, and had... not nearly enough. :P 500K in arrow money, but Vassago's Scythe was 800K. Bah. I didn't want to wait, so I pulled the last 300K off Thistle (non-arrow money) to get it. Yay! I'd kiss it, but, well, I'd probably lose a lip by doing so. :P

Non-players: Vassago's Scythe is THE scythe of dark knights. I don't think there's another job that has a weapon like it. It's very, very visible (big and black and evil looking!) and when you see someone wearing it, you know they're a high level DRK. :) And now it's mine! Eee! I just need 6 more levels before I can use it.

Between those two things I had some extra time, so I used a key from my storage. Went to King R-tab's Tomb and found a chest. Only got 800-something gil from it, so it wasn't even worth my time, but at least I got rid of a key!
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