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Lost, FFXI, RL, and stuff

Rain rain go away, come again some other day. ...but thanks for watering my plants while you're here. Silly rain, we're supposed to be dry as a bone by now. What happened to this area only getting rain 2-3 months out of the whole year?

I started reading a new King book: The Long Walk. Very interesting. Different, but interesting. You'd think a book about a group of boys walking would be boring, but it's not. I'm only 50 pages or so in, but I'm itching to read more and find out more. (Information is shared very slowly, so you learn the background and reasons and stuff piece by piece.)

Yesterday afternoon was very enjoyable. Logged on to PokeMUSH and spent hours talking to Punch and Gale. :) Lots of fun, though we did miss having the other former staffers there. Lots of talk about old times and IC stuff and such.

Lost: Lost! Wow, was Lost good last night. :) Might be one of my favorite eps ever. I almost cried near the end! *sniffle*

Oh my god, Sun and Jin! Oh, I love them so much and I'm so happy they're back together! And I love their love! And I was making all sorts of girly noises as they were hugging and kissing and making up! Even now I'm sniffling, their love just felt so good! (And they're such wonderful actors!)

And, on totally opposite side of the coin: The "useless" gene must run strong in the Shannon/Boone family. Boone the lifeguard sucked at saving people, and idiot Shannon cannot even hold onto a dog's leash? Why, oh why, hasn't some monster eaten her yet? What a horrible, useless, worthless human she is. She defines "waste of life". (What she did in the airport! My god! What a horrible person!)

I really found myself sort of "eh" about the black smoke and stuff, it was the Sun/Jin part that interested me and kept me smiling.

FFXI: As has been happening with the game lately, the night started out okay and ended up depressing as hell. The big ("mini-HMN") fight for Beanie's boots was last night. We gathered, rode out to the location and started clearing mobs. Then the NM popped and we grabbed it... and 5 minutes later it was dead. (I'm guessing 5 minutes based on my spell recasting times. It couldn't have been close to 10 minutes; I think 5 is a good estimate.)

Screenshot from mid-battle. Sparkly!

While it would have been nice for the fight to have lasted longer, that wasn't the depressing part. As is normal for a DRK, Beanie asked me to try to stun the worst of the mob's attacks, and I was happy to have something to do... but as soon as the fight started and I stunned once, Boose told me not to stun again, that I was messing up hate. Buh? He's like 20 levels above me and a PLD. How the heck could I get hate by casting one spell at the most once every 30 seconds? Especially when, on the rare occasion I was actually able to hit it, I did little damage? But he was the tank, so I listened to him and stopped stunning...

Before the fight Boose was "kind" enough to point out that I'd never be able to hit the mob anyway, which I was oh so thankful for. Yes, I know I'm useless here, you know I'm useless here, you might as well remind everyone else, too. ...and if reminding them isn't enough, make me even more useless by taking away the one job I had and could do.

Then after the fight things got worse. Someone else: "Oh, your scythe is only level X? This weapon I'm using, the one not even for my main job, is higher!" Thanks. Yep, so I'm not even useless in the NM boots battle, I suck at my main job as well. Thanks.

Once we were finished, I just logged off. It was hours earlier than I usually do, but I didn't want to be on the game anymore.
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