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Uneventful weekend. Weather was beautiful, got to have all the windows open both days. Sleep was lacking (as much as I don't want to hurt living things, I swear to god I think I might kill the birds that "sing" (read: chirp worse than a car alarm) right outside my bedroom window at 5 AM). Both Saturday and Sunday I was out of bed by 6, because trying to sleep with that much noise was pointless.

Did mucho cleaning (T-11 days till mother arrives), including making myself dizzy while scrubbing the tub.

Still reading old PokeMUSH logs, which works out well since we're doing a little ONS on Wednesday and I need to be able to RP Sly. Eek! Ack!

I saw two movies, one willingly and one not. For lack of anything else on TV, I watched the Pokemon 4Ever movie. Other than the title (What's next? "Pokemon lol u sux"?), I actually enjoyed the movie. I'm still boggling at that, as I didn't even like the Pokemon movies when I liked Pokemon. The other movie I didn't willingly watch: Stupid FOX network showed one of the newer Star Wars movies instead of its usual cartoons and sitcoms, so I had to sit through an hour or so of it. If nothing else, at least the movie had damned hot guys in it. The younger man, the one who was going to become the bad guy (yeah, yeah, I don't know the names), didn't act very well, but hey. Hottness = no need to listen to him, I'll just sit there and watch him a while. (I almost wish I could get into this theme, because man, I bet there's some good SW slash out there. Such yummy guys!)


Friday: Subjob static. Had to play thief. But an odd thing: For the first time ever, I actually kind of sort of enjoyed pulling. *boggle* We were camped in a tunnel, so it was nearly impossible to get lost, but better than that: There was a second party there, and their puller just sucked. He was tons worse than me, which is saying a lot. I think the fact that I didn't lose every pull I tried helped. THF is now up to 29. 30 will be interesting, as I'll get to try trick attack for the first time.

Saturday: Arrows, arrows, arrows. And more arrows. Hey, might I make some arrows now? I've started collecting the mannequin parts, so once more I'm short on cash. I got the body for 800K (plus 80K tax) and the head for 300K (plus 30K)... so now I'm nearly broke again. Need to make more arrows...

Sunday: Main job static! Yay! I'm more than halfway to 54! Woo! When I hit 53 I was able to switch to my new scythe, which should have been a great thing... But it's so ugly! *cry* It's a BONE scythe (bone scythe +1), so why does it look like a rusty metal blade tied to a piece of wood with string? It shouldn't depress me as much as it does, but man! A bone scythe should have a white/ivory blade! Not metal! And at this level, it should NOT be ugly! At least at 58 I'll get to switch to the best-looking scythe in the game... if only 58 wasn't so far away.

Static people: It sort of shocked me to realize this, but Ceh and I are going to need to do G2 soon! Assuming the next meeting goes as well as it usually does, we'll get to halfway to 55. *boggle* (Just wish we weren't skipping two weeks. Silly RL messing up our leveling!)

Lately I've made no progress on my AF, and it's starting to hang over my head again. Things to do:

1) Dark Spark battle, so I can use my gloves at 54.
2) Visit Castle Oz with Beanie when she has time, so we can get a key.
2b) Return to Castle Oz and find a coffer.
3) Hit Davoi and get a key.
3b) Find a Davoi coffer.

Once those things are done, I suppose I'll be up to having to get G3 done...
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