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Damned birdszzzzzzzz (RL, FFXI, Lost)

Somebody shoot me now, please. So tired, so tired. It was 70 outside at 11 PM last night (WTF? It's not even June yet!) and 80 in my apartment. Way way too hot to sleep. So even though I went to bed an hour early, I didn't fall asleep till 3. And then what happens at 5 AM? That damned bird starts its endless chirping. "Chirping" is too kind of a word for it, it sounds like an alarm clock ringing on fast forward. "ChirpChirpChirpChirpChirpChirp" I have no idea how the bird does it, because apparently the damned thing doesn't even need to stop to inhale. (I get an odd little bit of happiness that I'm not the only person it's waking up. At 5 AM, I can hear flushes from other apartments, so I know others are being annoyed by it, too.)

So unsurprisingly, this has been a sucky morning thus far... till I read my email. triplem (Delee at Pokemush) did that "leave a comment and I'll draw one of your interests" thing, so of course I left a comment! (She's an amazing artist, so no way in heck was I going to pass up a chance for her work!) She drew... Me! Eh, Thistle-Chaser! Me/Thistle-Chaser not book-Thistle-Chaser. Heehee! :) I'm still giggling over it, especially that MUSH Thistle and FFXI Thistle are so much alike. I love it, it's too funny. :)

FFXI: I feel really stupid for not making this connection sooner, but last night (as I made endless bolts) I realized something: Bolt making has become what fishing used to be. A way to kill time, make money, relax, and be able to chat/watch TV while playing the game. I had opened my mouth to complain about spending another night making them (especially when I don't need to anymore), but then I paused and realized that for some reason I really didn't mind doing it. It was actually sort of... fun? I work at the AH in Upper Jeuno, so there's lots to see: so many people, high level armor, other crafters, people I know, people who feel the need to interact with me because I'm crafting in lace panties. :P Plus I can not concentrate on the game, which is a really nice thing. And I can freely chat, which was one of the great things about old-style fishing! And if that wasn't enough good stuff, I make way more money on bolts than I ever did in fishing. So hey, yay for making bolts!

Lost: Eeeee! They re-played last week's ep tonight, and man did I love it. I never, ever thought I'd feel so strongly about a het couple, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sun and Jin! (But I'm really worried they'll kill off Sun, just to make Jin more angsty. Angst is nice, but their love is better!) What amazing actors the two are! I think the scene with them before the boat leaves (Sun giving him the "dictionary", him thinking he was being punished) was one of my favorite scenes in Lost ever.

Tonight is the two hour end of the series! On one hand, I'm excited as heck, but on the other... after tonight, so so so so long till a new ep! Ack! And worse yet: I might have to record tonight and watch it tomorrow or something, I have plans for tonight.

Yay! Now I'm still a little tired, but bouncy too!
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