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The best busiest night ever! (FFXI and Lost -- spoiler free)

I know my postcount is a little high today, but after tomorrow I'll be gone for two weeks, so that should make up for it. :)

What to go into first, Lost or FFXI? Eee!

FFXI made me want to cry, but in a good way. Have I mentioned lately how much I love my LS? They gathered tonight just to help me! Only me! Lots of people putting their time into helping me. Eeee, I hate to take up everyone's time like that, and I'm so thankful for all the help. :) We went to Davoi (a big orc camp) to get me a coffer key for my AF there. (Non-players, many pieces of your special AF armor have two parts: 1) kill lots of mobs to get a key, 2) find the coffer in an area full of big bad monsters and use the key to open it.) That's all I expected going into this night, one single key for a coffer.

I somehow ended up with three pieces of AF, the last three I needed.

I feel like that must be a record, getting three pieces in just a couple of hours. :D The Davoi one was amazingly easy: We killed only 3? 2? 4? mobs before the key dropped, and Xal had spotted the coffer on the way in, so poof! One piece done! Since people were gathered and so little time was used, we went to Castle Oz (homeland of bird beastmen) to get another key I needed. (We were also joined by another LS person who needed a key.) This one took a little longer to drop, but eventually not only did we get one, our puller had spotted a coffer so... poof! Piece #2! (That other person got both his key and coffer, too. :) )

It would have been amazing if things had stopped there, but since a bunch of us needed the Dark Spark fight for our AF, we went and did that, too. I got to see a cool new area, finally saw demons "in person", and got my final piece of my AF!

(Edit: Oh, and I almost totally forgot! We got to do a fight for one of Beanie's SAM AF, too! Unfortunately the silly mobs died in just a couple hits.)

I don't believe I've ever in my life used this phrase before, but I can't think of one that fits better: I feel blessed to have such good friends who put so many RL hours into helping me out. I know me saying that I loved you guys again and again was sort of a joke, but there was truth in it. You guys are the best, and I can only hope that one day I'll be able to help everyone else as much as they've helped me.

A few quick screenshots:

Two reasons for one screenshot! My full AF and how the mannequins look! That's how I'll look in 8 levels, all black and spikey and dark and cool and angsty. While I fooled around with the mannequin and dressed him in all different ways, I like being able to see my AF so I left him like that.

Northern Lights... sort of. I had been to the glacier before, just not this part. Cool and pretty "ground" northern lights! And cool and pretty Beanie in front of them! :)

Demons are evil... and cool! Hope that shot isn't too dark. One day I might go back on my own and explore and see them again.


Lost: No spoilers in this post! Unfortunately with all the FFXI excitement, I couldn't get into the show at all. So sad... I didn't start watching it till almost an hour late, so I got to see it through with no commercials, but I didn't even really watch it with my full attention until the last half-hour... and even then I was still bouncy with all the FFXI stuff. It's really too bad, since it looked like a good pair of eps. I'll probably watch them again this weekend.

I have no idea how I'm going to sleep tonight. :) *bouncie*
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