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Blarg (FFXI, anime, RL)

I'm trying to catch up with my flist. 150 posts read, 150 to go. I figured I'd jump on it now, since after tomorrow things will get hopeless.

FFXI's been okay. Trying to get ready for being away for a week. Mostly failing at that.

Spent the afternoon/evening today farming for a RDM testimony for Ead (a special object you need for a fight to raise your level cap). He got one, so yay! Plus we got a coffer key for Cehra's AF and she got the coffer, so then we went to right Dark Spark again for her AF gloves. I was happy there was something I could help out with, though by the end I was getting highly grumpy due to lack of dinner.

A guy I sort of know was AF hunting at the same time and in the same area as us today. Almost without delay, he started feeling me out to join the LS. It's highly annoying that people think of CTY as just a resource to use to get their [insert hard task here] done. To get help, you not only should give help, you should happily give it often. Be on the LS, be active, jump in and help when it's needed. Be a member, be a friend. People don't see that, they just see us as a big group of helpful people and think "Hey, I could use them for X...". Bah.

Anime: I started watching a new anime series! For the firsr time in, what, a year? So many people have been mentioning Bleach that I finally checked it out, and I'm totally loving it. I've seen about 6 eps, and have the rest downloaded. What a great story! And such fun characters! And no black-and-white, just shades of morals and such.

On the other hand, I'm behind on just about every other series I follow (all three of them!). Naruto, Champloo, and D-whatever D-whatever (the wacky 5 minute long animals-in-the-forest one).

RL: Mother is flying in tomorrow night. Eek eek eek. Still lots left to do to get ready. I'll be totally out of contact for a whole week starting tomorrow night. At the very most, I'll get on for a few minutes a day to check my email, and maybe I'll log onto FFXI long enough to check my auctions and relist stuff. I also probably will show my mother around the game a little, but I'll be turning the LS off the moment I log on. Never know what shocking things you freaks might say. :) But seriously, if you see me on after tomorrow night, my mother will be standing over my shoulder, so be good! (That means no vibrator jokes, loneguardian! :) )
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