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About three... well, two and a half hours till I have to run off to the airport. Bored to death on FFXI, so caught up with my flist again. Yay interesting posts!

I keep thinking about the HP Snape/Harry fic I read last night (In Between Days ). I'd like to read it again, but no time!

Last night I had a nightmare about Batman and the Joker (style from the newest Batman cartoon) killing each other. WTF? I don't even like the cartoon, how the heck is it getting into my dream, and why do I care about them so much that one killing the other could be made into a nightmare? *boggle*

An oddly nice/handy thing happened on the LS today (back to FFXI again! Wheee rapid subject changes!). Someone was pulling together help for a mission, and asked for "DDs level 60+". That was nice because then I didn't have to say "Um, can I help or would me going be more trouble than it's worth?". I like helping, but I hate to put people in a position where they have to worry about my feelings for turning me down because I'm too low.

Other than that, I farmed a little on the game as I cleaned and stuff. Did some chocobo digging, but still haven't leveled it. Chocobo digging is so insane. I'm crazy for doing it, but sometimes I get so bored I do it just to kill time.

Enough babbling! More cleaning, need to cook some muffins, then off to the airport!

Be good everyone! See you in a week!
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