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To buy or not to buy...

I had decided not to buy a permanent account, but now I keep reconsidering it. $150 is way, way more money than I want to give LJ, but... permanent! Not everyone is permanent! But $150 is (at the current prices) six paid years. Will LJ even be around in six years? If it is, will I still be using it? (That's not impossible. This journal is almost three years old now.) What else do you get with it. 100 icons? I don't even have 50, and I don't feel like I'm lacking in icon options. So I suppose I should resist. I'm tempted, but...

In other news, I've been able to keep up with my flist and email. I have a little online time in the morning and late at night, so I check things then. Not enough time to play FFXI though, and I'm missing it muchly!

Hopefully this post will go through. I haven't been able to get to half the sites (usually including LJ) I try today...
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