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Bleach! BleachBleachBleach! Bleach!

Bleach is eating my brain. (Bleach = a new anime series, for those not in the know.) I'm loving it in the same way I loved FMA. It's got that amazing mix of so totally dramatic with a few fall-down funny bits. I swear, I love nearly every character from the main guy to the most minor ones (I love the boy with the broom! But the girl with the broom is the only one I don't totally love). I love the art. I love the music. And my god, the story is just so good! I love it all!

I'm up to ep 18 now (the end of the big fight... gah!), and I have up to 24 downloaded. I don't know what I'll do once I catch up with the releases -- I'm used to watching a couple a day! (I usually was even able to sneak in an ep while my mother was here!) I'm just worried how long (or rather: short) the series will be. I'm sure someone out there knows? :)

Even though I've been watching anime for a couple years now, I still have trouble wrapping my head around the idea of the writers/producers/creators knowing right from the start how many eps the series will have. Around here if a series was popular they'd just keep padding it out until it fell out of grace. On one hand, I think it's really cool and admirable that they stick to the story they set out to do, but on the other I hate that the series I love all end! Though I suppose we've seen what happens when a popular series doesn't end... *cough*PoT*cough*


FFXI: It's kind of funny. The whole week I was away away I was itching so badly to play, then when I finally play what do I do? The same old boring stuff I've been doing all along. I tried farming but there were too many people out and it sucked so I moved to a new area to farm for less $$$ things... but that was crowded as well so I got pissed and just totally stopped farming. So what did I do then? Made bolts. Thousands and thousands of bolts. For hours on end. *dies* Yay wanting to rush back for that?

The big mission (5-1) that was supposed to happen tonight fell through because of a lack of communication (No worries! <3 ), but I got a group together for a G2 run tomorrow. I think this was my first time organizing a group thing! Eee! It was kind of odd: I asked and people, like, actually listened to me! And said yes! I was sort of expecting them to all laugh, pat me on the head, then shoo me off to go sit in a corner while the grown ups talked. :P

So I must set alarm tonight to make sure I get up early enough for that tomorrow. (Alarm on a Saturday morning isn't as bad as it seems, since I need to try to get my sleep schedule readjusted to work hours. Bah!)

And now: More Bleach!

P.S.: It's hard to get used to using different icons again! I think this might not be a new one, but it still fits. Yay Bleach!

Edit: Comments contain some series spoilers.
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