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Life never changes...

So I'm back to work this morning, and boy does it suck. I arrived at 7:20. It's now 8:24 and co-worker still is not here. SIGH. Responsible adult? What's that?

Starving. I wish I had stopped for breakfast, but I was worried I'd be late if I did. Stupid me, thinking idiot co-worker might actually be here ontime to notice!

I stayed up a little late last night, but since I couldn't sleep it didn't really matter. Watched a Naruto ep (I'm like 5 behind) and ... well. I liked it, but there's way, way, way too much flashback in the eps now. I bet more than half the ep was spent in flashback! (Yay to not have to draw new animation, people!) But still, loving the storyline, what little new there is.

After Naruto it was nearly bedtime, but I spotted a new Bleach ep! The Keep group just released one a day or two ago, so I hadn't expected #26 yet! I snagged it and it downloaded fast, so I watched it before bed. Too much fighting, too little character development. But I suppose there will be lots of fighting in the series, so. And man, does it amuse me when they keep commenting on the size of each other's swords! :P

FFXI: Yesterday was blah. Boring. I spent most/much of the day trying to fish to break rods. Every time I fish my hatred for the "new" fishing system grows. (And my hands/arms still hurt! A day later!) And the best part? I got only .1 woodworking skillup and 0 fishing skillups from spending the whole day doing it! Blah.

I keep thinking I need to level a new job in the game. I need something to spend more time on. But there's really no job I want to play much... And how much farming can one do? I'm totally out of bolts to sell, but I hate making bolts and currently have more money than I need, so why force myself to do it? I'm not feeling burnt out on the game, just lacking in goals.

Very unhappy to be back at work. Tired, hungry, grumpy. Stupid co-worker, this is all your fault!
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