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Naruto (Look! An all-anime post! How rare!)

*stands up* Hi, my name is Thistle, and I cannot spell the names of the main characters in an anime I've been watching for months.

I think my brain is broken, I just can't get all the letters in the right order in Japanese names! And stupid Google is no help. Do a search for "Naruto character guide" and you get a crapload of stupid quiz results! Bah. Anyway, now that I've looked up the spelling of all the important names, here we go with the post!

I've come to the point where I'm almost not liking Naruto much. Why? Two reasons, one old and one new.

#1) I hate Sakura. I hate her from the very second she shows up on the screen. She doesn't even have to open her mouth (or cry), and I hate her. She is so utterly and totally useless. I'm so sick of useless female characters in anime, and she is the most useless of them all. I hate her pink hair. I hate her outfits. I hate how, after more than a HUNDRED eps of her throwing herself at Sasuke and having him reject her, she still does it! Gah! *pulls out own hair*

#2) I like anime because it tends to be more mature. It doesn't insult the viewers. It doesn't soften blows. Naruto has now made itself an exception to that rule. (This name wasn't in the guide, but I'm pretty sure this is how the subbing group spelled it.) Chouji isn't dead. What the fuck? There had been no question in my mind that he had died in that ep, but now he's alive. NONE of them died. Yes, I liked them all, but this was a really big mission against really bad, bad people, and they are kids. There is no way that there couldn't have been at least one death. This point has actually done much more to kill my love for the series than the first one. I've lost all respect for it.

So anyway. Now the series is going into what looks like a god awful filler ep. "Unreasonable story logic?" Check. "Butt-ugly character designs on NPCs?" Check. Sounds like filler to me! But what makes this even worse? Sakura is one of the two main characters in it. *pulls more hair out*

I caught up with the subbing group, but I really couldn't be bothered to watch the preview for the next ep. I just didn't care. What happened to the earlier quality? Things like the Haku/Zabuza story arc?

To be fair, there were a couple little things I liked about these last few eps. I've always loved Shikamaru, but I think I like the character even more now (He cried! Eeek! I wanted to hug him!). Seeing all of Kiba's family's dogs was fun, as well as seeing Kakashi's! (I'd like to see more of them!) But those are just tiny little things in the face of so much I dislike. I do not want to stop liking this series! It used to be my favorite one! I just hope this filler arc doesn't last too long, otherwise it will be hard to maintain my remaining liking of it.

Edit before posting: Reading the manga isn't an option for me. I'm reading the manga for Bleach (just for the eps which have aired thus far as anime), and I can't see the draw of it (ha ha, no pun intended). I know, I know, I'm odd. But since I can't get into the manga, I really want to experience the story for the first time in animated form. See the colors, hear the voices, all that.
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