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You dig and you dig, but find nothing. (FFXI)

Quiet night on FFXI last night. Since the Castle Oz/Yag High Priest CTY LS event thingie was for fun and not a necessary quest for someone, I didn't attend. I have no death buffer at all, and even a death with a raise wouldn't be enough to get my level back, so I didn't want to risk it. Turned out that was the right decision, as everyone who attended (other than Nif, I heard) died.

I didn't have much of anything else to do, so I got off my butt and went back to work on chocobo digging. (Non-players: You buy some special greens and feed them to the bird, then it will dig for you. You may or may not dig something up.) Finally, finally, finally all the time and money I've put into this paid off! I leveled! Woo! (Unlike jobs or crafting, there are only 6? 7? chocobo levels. It costs hundreds of thousands of gil per level, and much much much time.) A six second delay on digging is just amazing! It feels like I'm flying!

I spent about 80K on greens for digging last night, but for the first time ever I actually made a profit! (Higher level in digging = you get better and more stuff.) Best things were: a darksteel ore (20K+), 8 oak logs (eh, or elm? the 10K ones), and a whole stack of mythril beastcoins! It's so amazing to be digging and actually making a profit! And the faster digging might mean faster leveling! (But maybe not. I suspect that each level needs double the digging to level than the one before it.)

Players: Do not let people tell you that there's a "hidden test system", that you have to dig X item to level. That is NOT TRUE at all. I've not dug up test items, and I've leveled fine. Also: You can level on a dig that you don't even get anything on! It's just a matter of digging lots and lots and lots.

While digging, I saw the oddest thing: Flowers growing out of thin air! And it wasn't a one time glitch, they stayed there! I saw them first at night, then dug a while and returned to the area in daytime, and there they were floating again! Oddness.

Lastly, can anyone tell me what this guy was trying to say?

I have no idea why he apparently didn't understand my use of the auto-translator...
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