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Yay/Aw! Finished the last book

kuruma, you really, really should read the Harry Potter books. Even if you don't get into fan-end of things, they're a wonderful read. Great stories.

Yay! And aw! I finished Goblet of Fire last night! The ending was sort of a surprise, too. I suspected the right person, but then it turned out that the right person wasn't, eh, the right person (being vague to avoid spoilers). While there was some fluff in this book, I really enjoyed it and loved the setup for the future books in the series. Aie! Why isn't the fifth book out now?! Write faster!

Snape was much, much better in this book than in the third one. He almost seemed off-character in the third one, but this book made up for it. He's really one of the more interesting characters. I wouldn't be surprised if by the last book he became a sort of hero...

In this book especially, I can see why some parents might have had some issues with younger kids reading the books. That graveyard scene (near the end of the book, after the finish of the Triwizard Tournament thingie) was especially... 'graphic' doesn't really fit, but it was disturbing. What Wormtail did for the spell and the effect of that on him. What happened to the two students. Even just talking about the Death Eaters and how they'd gone underground and what punishment he'd hand out... really serious stuff. I cannot wait for the next book!

Continuing the 'stuff that would likely disturb parents', I like how she handled the effect of all this on Harry. Unlike the other books, he didn't just wave it off and go on with life. I'm really, really curious about what it'll be like at his home over the summer. I think this will have matured him a lot... or maybe 'aged him' is a better description?

Eek, eek, how do I wait for the next book? Want it now! Want it now! Want it now!
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