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Bah and woo! (Something for everyone... unless you like to rob people!)

FFXI: Screenshots like this one depress the heck out of me. But then it got worse! I googled "FFXI packet sniffer" and got tons of results. Mining bots, crafting bots, provoking bots... sheesh.

I know bots and cheating are nothing new, but... wow. So depressing. I'm so glad that I generally do things that don't bring me into direct competition with others, because I'd lose for sure.


Non-FFXI: The news is so educational! Today I learned that women, much like bees, get angry when poked! No wait, that's not right. It's more like: Never piss off a mob of women holding curling irons!

Note to anyone on my flist planning a crime: As tempting as she may appear, if you're going to rob someone don't pick this woman:

News story here. A man tries to rob a beauty school and the students kick his ass.

I love it. :)

EDIT: I usually cut images, but that one amused me too much to hide it. If anyone minds it at all, I'll change it to a link! I don't want to clutter friendslists!
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