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Cold, cold, cold (RL, anime, FFXI)

I can't complain about the weather outside (a high of 68? In mid-June? Yes, please!), but inside it's freezing! Note to the building owners: When it's below 68 outside, the AC does NOT NOT NOT need to be blasting! Brrrrrr.

I watched the latest Keep-released Bleach ep this morning. I know it's a silly thing to say about a show featuring men running around with giant swords, but: Enough with the fighting already! I'm pretty sure tons more fighting is coming in the short and long term, so... Bah. (I don't have some issue with the violence or anything like that, I just find all those sword fights rather boring.)

FFXI: Since it was a new moon after work last night, I decided I should go onto the ferry and try to break more poles. Have I mentioned before how much I hate fishing? Because I really, really do. That's going to be my last trip for pole-breaking on the ferry -- it's just not worth it! I did hit woodworking 62, so I got one "free" (almost free) level of woodworking out of this, but it took days and days, and I had to do something I strongly disliked (and gave me RL physical pain!) for hours. Not Worth It. I'd rather just farm materials or buy them.

One good thing about the fishing last night! I went as DRK/WHM instead of the usual WHM/BLM (I was tired of the fished up mobs almost killing me), and boy was that fun! I got to fight pirates twice! And I got a phantom, too! No drops from any of that, but it was the first time I've battled either of those alone, so it was great! But I also got lucky. Because the fished up mobs were no longer an issue, I was very very very sloppy about keeping sneak up. If a Horror had popped near me, I would have had a death on DRK and thus de-leveled.

But another good thing! When I got off the ferry, I got A second mannequin! Oh, the second one is so nicely cheap after the first one! (250K as opposed to 1M for the first one.) She seems so much less wooden (haha) than the Hume M model!

After fishing I did a little chocobo digging. I didn't get much, but I only made 1.5 runs (20 stacks + 10 stacks of greens, two birds) so that's not surprising.

Between the second mannequin and all this digging, I'm really going to have to sit down and make some bolts sometime soon. I've not made any in a week, just spent money, so my funds are dropping fast. Bah.

Draque, Aurian, Ead, Ceh, Beanie: We still on for 5-1 on Sunday? Aurian, what time would be a good start-time for you?
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