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Eee! I want! I want! I want! (FFXI only)

Yagudo hats! The goblin hat is cute too, but a yag hat would look great on me! I know we're supposed to hate them and all, but they're my favorite of the beastmen! And their coloring matches mine, so the hat would look good on me! Eeee! (Panties and a yag hat! Heee!)

I just worry how annoying the quest will be to get it. I hope it's not too too too bad, but these special event quests have been getting worse and worse as time passes. Bah! But for a keen yag hat, I'll repeat annoying quests as often as I have to!

I think it was quasilemur who was the latest person to comment that chocobo racing needs to be added. Looks like SE listened! From today's news: "A quest requiring adventurers to deliver a lost chocobo to its home stables. Test your riding skills while competing for jaw-dropping prizes and the title of "Vana'diel's Fastest"!" What prize could be "jaw dropping"? The only thing I can think of of that level would be 1) Your own personal chocobo, or 2) Free chocobos forever (or for X days)?

Man, I love the weeks leading up to major upgrades. :D So much new content! And every day or so they leak a little information, so there's always something to be excited about!

And I so so so need a yag hat. Eeee!

As I mentioned last night, I have a couple new screenshots to post!

It's not just the full moon I'm obsessed with! Some zones have such amazingly pretty sunrises and sunsets. I love taking screenshots of them! This one was taken in the Canyon, one of my favorite zones in the game. The colors are so amazing! And so realistic! Look how it changes from the top of the screen to the bottom! :D

In my continuing quest to dig in the head of every race in the game, last night I dug in a dead male Taru. As you can see, like female elf-heads, taru heads are empty. I also dug in a male elf's head, but couldn't get a good screenshot of it. It was empty as well.

I've started feeling really bad about digging in dead people, so after I do it I at least /shout asking for a raise for them. Depending on how the digging is going, sometimes I hop off my bird and raise them myself. Mattaroo (the dead male Taru) and I actually became sort of friends after I dug in him! :P We joked through the night, as much as the translator permitted. (He thought I was Japanese, and I never corrected him.)

Hm, I guess that's it on screenshots. I thought I had more!

And one last bit of good news: As I mentioned briefly last night, I leveled chocobo digging! YAY! Zero wait times between digs! I'm so happy! There are so few NA diggers of this level! So it's extra cool! :D And I'm going to keep going and try to level further, but from here on out it's going to be really hard to tell when I do. (The next time I level I'll drop from a 60 to a 50 second wait after zoning in. This is hard to measure as 1) I don't zone while digging often -- usually once every 30 minutes!, and 2) it's darned hard to get an accurate timing of your delay until first dig.)

(Here things will get a little technical, so sorry to any non-players who can't follow this.) You'd think my new macro could be:

1) /dig
2) /dig
3) /dig ... down to 6. There's no delay needed, right? But the problem is, the macro seems to need to take the dig's animation into account. So I tried alternating lines of /dig and /wait 1, but that still failed. When I tried using a /wait 2:

/wait 2
/wait 2

...only the first two digs worked, the third one never did. *boggle* I'm thinking there's some kind of lag time (server-based? my machine? both?) that makes the third one come too fast.

So the only way I get around this is to make my macro be one single line: /dig. Then instead of hitting the macro once, I hit it every 2 seconds myself (1 second for the dig animation, 1 second for the chocobo to take a step -- you don't want to dig in the same spot). However, having to hit the macro every 2 seconds for hours is... painful. (Edit: You'd think I could use the above "wait 2" macro and just have the dig go twice, thus cutting the time I have to hit my macros in half? I tried that, and it didn't work. I spent more time standing around thinking I had a second dig coming! You'd think counting one-two-hit macro-one-two-hit macro would be easier, but after hours it's hard to pay that much attention.)

I wish I could find out how other W0 level diggers do their macros, but chocobo diggers never ever share info (or even talk to each other). Even more than in crafting, new chocobo diggers directly hurt existing diggers.

Such exciting times! I can't wait to go out and dig more tonight! And soon I'll be digging in a yag hat! Eee!
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