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Shopping spree

Distressed at the thought of having nothing good left to read (I have a King book, but I'm not really in the mood for horror), I hit Amazon. Turns out there are more HP books, sort of.

Reader review:

These two books are great additions to any Harry Potter collection! "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" features tons of facts on creatures that you've read about in the Harry Potter series in the format of a textbook. Written throughout the book are notes from Harry and Ron! In "Quidditch Through the Ages", you'll find the whole history of your favorite sport, from the beginings of the broomstick to the spread of Quidditch worldwide, plus information on all the Quidditch teams in Britain and Ireland. I definetly recommend these books to everyone!

I ordered those, as well as a DVD of the first movie (so that I don't need to worry about Tivo recording over it), as well as a non-HP toy. I was looking for some figures for the top of my computer, but the ones they had looked sort of sucky, so I skipped them.

I love online shopping. Click, click, done. Don't even need to enter my credit card number at Amazon.
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