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Ha ha! Perfect!

Two great tastes that taste great together! No, it's not chocolate and peanut butter, it's.... wacky Japanese foods and cats!

I do not understand these pictures at all. More than that, I don't know how one could find "cats in and as food" to be cute, but I'm dying over these!

Cat soup? Cat buns? How about a fuzzy cat in your drink, ma'am?

Cat desserts!

Fast food cats!

I'm so totally making more icons based on these. Cat sushi anyone?

Edit: While looking for more pictures, I found this image. ...boggle... Is that suposed to be... porn with cats? (Image is totally work safe, but very brain un-safe.)

Edit2: Eee! I bought a Cat-in-milk magnet thing! I sort of collect odd magnets, and you can't get much odder than this stuff!
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