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I killed Draco! I killed Draco! (A HP post? Or a FFXI? I'm not telling!)

Okay, okay, this was Dracos in FFXI. :) But I have some HP content, too! HP first, then FFXI, then RL.

HP: I suppose everyone already knows to pounce on dementordelta's stories the second they come out, but in case you didn't know, she has a new! (Posted in her LJ.) Seeing Red is (of course) Snarry, and it's so so so yummy and good. I just want to pick dementordelta and her Snarry up and hug the both of them endlessly! I always love how she handles the pairing! (What a silly and unorganized rec this is, huh? I suppose I should try to say something constructive instead of just eee'ing over it. :) ) The pacing is great -- I love how she builds things up between them. The sex actually had me ee'ing and awww'ing and mmm'ing out loud, no matter how hard I tried to not make happy-noises out loud(I was reading at work -- but it's NOT work safe at all so if you care about that sort of thing, read it at home). I just love her work so much. :)

FFXI: Since IE* crashed and ate my post, here's a short version of the FFXI part of this post: I was digging. Spotted Dracos. Tried to ignore him since I was WHM and supposed to be digging, not killing. I shouted his position. No one came to kill him. Kept digging. Eventually gave in and warped home, changed jobs, traveled back out for 5.5K (2K teleport, 2.5K bird), got him. He died in five hits. No drops. Bah!

Ai: You asked what a raptor looked like. This is Diggerclaw Dracos... Dead Dracos! He's a raptor, they all look like him. You can see him better in this shot, but my neck looks really odd so I almost didn't want to post it. :P

I'm happy I got to kill him. I hadn't set out to kill him for a drop, just so I could say I killed him... but I was highly annoyed (which could be read as "pissed off") when there were no drops anyway. Why was that? Read on!

Welcome to the "RL and FFXI mixed together" half of the post!

This morning I bitched about work, but it turned out to be an okay day. I didn't have to deal with the internal people, and while the support stuff was busy, it was like half of my stress was gone. I came home tired, but in a good mood.

Then I logged on to the game. It was probably the worst night I've had in months. Digging sucked ass, major ass. I spent about 60K total in greens, and I got maybe 20K back. I ran out to Timbuktu to kill Dracos, and nothing dropped. Then (the worst part) I got lost in the Jungle. Really, really lost. (Non-players: The Jungle is a horror. Literally a maze, but an evil one: The map is nearly useless. You fall down holes and can't retrace your steps, etc.) This made me sick to my stomach RL (I have some pretty darned big Issues about getting lost). I was lost for more than an hour, unable to find a way out at all. (I have no sense of direction, and in this zone it was just worse than ever.) I wanted to cry RL. I wanted to uninstall the game. I wanted to get myself killed so at least I could homepoint and get out of there (nevermind that I'd then delevel and have no armor to wear till I leveled again...)

So isn't it odd: This morning I thought work would suck and I'd be happy on the game, but it was just the reverse. I guess the moral of this story is that you can't trust my bitching? :P

Prices are current in Jeuno as of tonight.


1) Marine M Boots, level: 62 (Def: 9 HP: 60 STR: 3 DEX: 3 VIT: 2 AGI: 2 INT: -3 MND: -3 CHR: -3) -- 3.7 million. I might wait for the Thick ones below....

2) Thick Sollerets, level: 68 (Accuracy: 2, Attack: 4, Evasion: -2) -- 70K.

Grand Temple Knight's Collar, level: 65 (Def: 7 Attack: 5 Accuracy: 5) -- Available only with CP in Sandy. 40K CP, rank 8. Ex item, so... I might not be able to get this. Must look into an alternate neck piece.

Thick Mufflers, level: 68 (Def: 15 Accuracy: 3 Attack: 3 Evasion: -2) -- 70-80K

Thick Breeches, level: 69 (Def: 31 Accuracy: 2 Attack: 5 Evasion: -2) -- 140-150K

Hauberk, level: 69 (Def: 47 STR: 5 DEX: 5 Accuracy: 10 Attack: 10 Evasion: -10 - 4 million

So for the three Thick items, we're looking at about 300K (not too bad at all!) My current body armor will sell for about 4 million (CRY! I bought it for 4.8M!), so that will cover the upgrade to Hauberk (the only trouble will be if I'm caught "between" the two armors, if one is sold and none of the other are available, or if the first one won't sell so I can't get the upgrade...)

I suppose I really can skip the Marine M Boots. I'd mostly only be getting the 3 STR over my current leaping boots...

I'm glad I wrote this out. Money won't be as tight as I thought it would be. I believe the Thick items and Hauberk will be my end-game stuff as well, so that'll be nice. *rereads* Wow, I really thought things would be more expensive. I suppose it's because I put so much money into the 50-59 level stuff. (About 7 million for the stuff I'm wearing now and will wear as I continue to level to 60.)

My next weapon upgrade (after V's Scythe, which I already have bought) won't be till post-70 (74? I think?). I think it'll be nearly the last upgrade, too.

*rereads again* I guess I can stop being so frantic about making/saving money now. I was actually upset that I had to pay 5.5K to get out to kill Dracos because I was worried I should be saving it all for armor!

* Yes, yes, I know. I use (and love) Foxfire, but at home I still have IE. I never do much other than FFXI from home, so I haven't bothered to upgrade yet.

gbeans: Is your @pol address a good one to use for you? I sent you something this morning, did it arrive? If not, let me know and I'll resend it!

yshyn: I've still not heard from you. Coming to the "Subojb Static" this week? Loth is almost 30, and I think the rest of us are 30 (or close to it).

And darned it all, I didn't get my armor and stuff muled over to play THF tomorrow. I so so so so don't want to play that job. Sigh. Four more levels of it, max! I need to do the math still, maybe I can quit at 33 and not 34...
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