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A rec! Non-fanfic

I can't let the whole weekend pass by without doing this. I've been reading the most amazing fic (original fiction, not fanfic) I've read in years. No exaggeration.

The Administration by Manna. It's a series of stories from novel-length to short, all set in the same world.

I wish I had the mental power and concentration to do the recommending of this series justice. isiscolo wrote up an outstanding rec, I'd strongly suggest visiting her journal to read it.

What's the best rec I could give it? How's this: After a hellish day being alone at work, when coverage finally came so I could leave for lunch, I did not want to go. I wanted to stay at my desk and keep reading. When I got to the parking lot, I had to have another fight with myself to keep from returning to my desk and reading. I had stuff to do to get ready for partying on FFXI tonight, so I forced myself to go home. Then what did I do once I got home? Started reading it, and forgot even to eat!

I started reading at just after 9 AM, and other than work interruptions, I've been doing little else till now. (And I'm only halfway through the first story!)

So what's so amazing about the story? (Well, about the series, but I'm only on the first story.) The characters. My god, the most interesting and amazing characters I've read about in my life. From just the first couple paragraphs, I was sitting here with my jaw hanging open, dying to learn more.

I suppose I should tell a bit about the series? (Whine! Whine! I want to go read more before I have to go home! Heck, can't I stay at work and keep reading? And why do I have to be on FFXI tonight? Will people really miss me?) The setting is an alternate world (sort of), mostly like ours, but the government has greater control over everything. The police have a lot more power, and a group of them have permission to torture witnesses/suspects. One of the two main characters is part of that group. The other main character runs a company working on VR technology. Both characters are male, and they hook up together. (*dies*drools*melts* The first "real" sex scene had me in a puddle! And their sex only gets better! *dies more* The story is NOT NOT NOT just about sex, and it's not even graphic, but it is there and it makes things oh so much more interesting because of how the characters interact!)

I really must get back to reading now, but I highly suggest you go to isiscolo's journal and read her rec if I haven't convinced you. This is amazing writing. I cannot believe this isn't a story in a book instead of free online. (Why the hell hasn't she gotten this published yet?)

Do yourself a favor. Drop what you're doing and go read The Administration.
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