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A post about The Administration, period!

Though when I made the rec post (for The Administration) on Friday I had read only part of the first of the thirty stories, I still stand by it. I read for 13? 14? hours yesterday, and if anything I'm loving this series even more.

Toreth is the more interesting of the two main characters (IMO), but that doesn't make Warrick boring! Toreth is a sociopath (or pretty darned close to one), a sadist, and a professional torturer (and that world's version of a cop or detective). Warrick runs a successful "start up company" making VR tech. The two are nothing alike, and Toreth is so darned bad for Warrick, but the two hook up once, then continue that trend.

There is tons and tons of plot, background, and story in the series. (Other than sleep, I've been doing little but reading the series since 9 AM on Friday and I'm still not even halfway done.) But for me, the real interest is in how these two characters interact. Toreth is just so fascinating! Manna (manna) must have done some serious work into what makes sociopaths tick.

I'm going to quote from isiscolo's rec, because she says it so much better than I can: "What makes this series so compelling to me is that both characters are incredibly messed-up in their own ways. Toreth is the more obviously emotionally handicapped, but Warrick has his problems as well, and they're always on the verge of fight or flight - or fuck. It's like a mating dance of porcupines, they're so prickly, and it's fascinating to see how each one comes to terms with what he can, both within himself and with the other."

The characters are just so human, so real. And real men too, not the "men" so often featured in slash fic.

I know I've hooked some people from my flist already, but if you're not one of them then please do yourself a favor! Check out The Administration! Just start the first story and give it a chance. You'll thank me... or curse me for hooking you. :)


Hm. I had intended to make the second half about period foo, but having written all that about The Administration I find I'm tired of writing and just want to go back to reading. :) I'll add just one more bit before I end this:

In my dream Toreth had been fired. As a way to support him (hopefully without him realizing it), Warrick hired him on as his "personal guard". Nevermind that Warrick didn't really need one, Toreth appeared to buy it and took the job seriously.

Unfortunately, as often as not, this made life harder for Warrick.

Joe Sponsor rushes towards Warrick.
Toreth's head snaps up. "Grr! Grr! Threat!" Rushes forward.
Warrick facepalms and calls him off.

But no matter the trouble it sometimes caused, Warrick was able to both keep Toreth from living on the street and spend more time close to him (more random sex! Yay!), so both were happy with the arrangement.

So for some reason the two were suddenly in the town I grew up in, and for some even less likely reason the town was having a parade. Warrick and Toreth needed to do laundry (thus catch a bus to the laundry place) and the parade was making it harder. One other person was trying to catch the bus, too. Blanche from the Golden Girls (silly, silly brain). Though she was called Blanche I don't think she really was (or she was a much older version of her), she looked like the oldest Golden Girl (Sophia?).

A little background: As part of taking the guarding job, Warrick had tried over and over to explain to Toreth that he now had to do "good things" for people, no more bad. They had had the talk often enough that Toreth understood the theory behind it, but he was still pretty lost on what exactly might be a good act to do for someone.

The bus to the laundry place was pulling up, and old old lady Blanche was still a ways off. She was hurrying, but she was very old, so she wasn't going to make it before the bus left.

Then an idea hit Toreth! He ran away from Warrick's side, back towards her. With one hand he grabbed the old lady by the back of her neck, and with his other he grabbed her laundry bag, and he lifted both and carried them to the bus. She made it to the bus, so that must have been a "good thing", right?

Poor Warrick just facepalmed again and didn't even try to explain the problem with how Toreth had done it, instead the two had sex and everyone was happy.

The end!

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