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Go away, world...

That's been my feeling for most of the weekend. As I perhaps might have made some tiny little mention in passing, I've been reading the The Administration series, and I want to do nothing else. Over the weekend it was fine and dandy: No one around to bug me, few things I had to do, but trying to read at work is uber annoying. I know how silly this sounds, but: Darned work keeps interrupting me and I can't read! And I really don't want to waste the stories by reading when I can't even keep in the mood of them... Bah.

I spent almost no time on FFXI this weekend. On Friday I had to log on for our subjob static. I think we hit 31? Pulling was okay (almost fun, I suppose I could say), but I'm sick to death of running out of work and straight home to party (no time for even dinner or catching my breath). I want my Friday evenings back! At least with Trick Attack I don't feel like an utter waste of space in the party... On Saturday I logged on for maybe an hour total, though divided up into small chunks. Basically just when I needed a break from reading. Sunday was main job static, so I had to log on for a few hours then, but my heart wasn't in it at all. Not to mention, I get darned tired of feeling like a proctologist for the various monsters we fight. (Non-players: Since I sub the thief job to my main job (dark knight), I need to stand behind the mob to do special attacks.) When we fight dhalmels, I stand with my head in their butt. I've seen way more monster-butts than anyone ever should. And know the animation for "steal"? It scares me to think exactly where I'm reaching into...

Anyway, we just barely all leveled in main job static (I hit 56, but no buffer at all). I really should pull my AF out of storage so I can see how I look with three pieces, but I'm really waiting for 58 to try. (56 is only gloves, boots, and pants -- just touches of black! 58 is the body piece (mmmm) and 60 is the hat.)

Now back to reading! Back to the wonderfully messed up and prickly men I love so much! :) (I read Caged this morning before work, and I think it's easily one of my favorites. Generally I like the longer stories more, but gah! Toreth connected with the cat! He has actual feelings for it! And (too often) I underestimate just how smart Toreth is. I hadn't expected him to see that Warrick had made a connection between Toreth and the cat. Gah gah gah, I love this series so much!)
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