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Did I say I was trying to cut back on FFXI..?

What a... day. I got online just before 8:30 AM. I had Big Plans, and intended to get them done.

1) The G3 "miniquest" - Banishing Gate orb. Set out to Davoi. Started quest. Had to touch banishing wall to start quest (needed 3 orcs to turn so I could drop invisible). Found NPC with little problem. Touched orb to 2 ponds will little problem (just waiting for multiple orcs to turn). Died on way to pond #3, totally my own fault (was following LS chatter, missed the "invisible dropping" warnings.) At this point I had already spent an hour and a half on the quest (stupid lying Alla -- 30 minutes for the whole quest! Right!) Reraised. Started for pond #4. Things totally fell apart.

Once again: Alla sucks. The guide said you needed only invisible for the whole quest, so you can understand that this:

made it look like invisible was falling and then I was getting hit. So that was death #2.

So I reraised, moved off somewhere safe to recast reraise and sit for a while, and then once I was ready:

...death #3. Repeat the same process (but this time without even reraise up) and I gained death #4. At that point I cursed up a storm, homepointed, and logged out.

Ate breakfast, cooled down a little, went back.... and got death #5 in the same spot! I was convinced it was a bug in the zone making my invisible fall with no warning in that spot, but Chip looked it up and saw that the damned lizards were sound-aggro. Stupid chat log was misleading. (Invisible fell before the first hit -- every time!). So once I started using sneak as well as invisible, I finished the damned miniquest. Five deaths and three hours for something that wasn't supposed to be hard. Dammit. (But at least I got it done! And on my own! Rarr me!)

I couldn't concentrate on reading after that, and even chocobo digging seemed too stressful, so I sat in my moghouse and did a little crafting. Beanie sent me a /tell and asked if I'd mind coming out and helping absorb a 1000 Needles attack from a cactaur, and since it wasn't like a death could have any more of an effect on my day, I agreed.

Turned out the cactaur was the NM for Sandy Mission 6-1! So I grabbed the mission on the way out! We only had four people total when a party is the minimum recommended, so it was a little bit tough, but we did it! (And I was amazed to see that I'm not really so laughably weak anymore. I did not have the lowest HP, and I almost had more than the RDM who is many levels above me! Only our MNK Beanie had lots more!) So we killed the cactaur (yay!) and Beanie said "Why don't we do 6-2?". So we did! That fight was much, much easier. It was recommended that 12 people minimum fight it (and 18 would be better), but the 4 of us did just fine. So tomorrow I can finish the quest and will be rank 7! *boggle*boggle*boggle* Amazing, I totally hadn't expected that! :)

I'll be really, really happy to get G3 done on Monday. I just hope so much it won't be as stressy (and deathy) as doing the miniquest this morning was. I have almost no buffer left on WHM, and if I delevel I'll lose my Teleport-Altep spell (which I need for chocobo digging). Once G3 is finished, it will be a clear ride until Maat/G5. I'm trying not to stress about Maat, but Merlee's story of her DRK friend quitting because he failed to beat him 22 times in a row makes me cry. I need to find more DRKs and ask them how bad it is. *stress*stress*stress*

Edit: Looking back on the logs now, I find it ironic that I was asking about pugs being sound aggro... then had the damned sound aggro lizards jump me.

Edit2: I've not been keeping up with the CTY journals as much as I should be, so I missed that Sylf posted our Shadow Lord fight! (Rightclick, save as -- spoiler warning, of course.) His videos are so much fun, especially the endings! Heehee. :)
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