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Anime: Bleach, Naruto, Samurai Champloo, Damekko Doubutsu, Zatch Bell

I've not mentioned anime foo in a while, so since I needed to ask about Bleach anyway, I decided to make a whole post of it. Updates on the various series I follow:

* Anyone know what's up with Bleach? Anime-Keep hasn't released an ep in almost a month. Their website says they need translators, but are they totally dead in the water till they get some? Or just slowed down?

If one were to download from one of the "speed subbing" groups, is there a difference in quality between Bleach-Society and LunarAnime? I'd much rather stick with Keep, but man, I've not seen an ep in a month now...

* Naruto: My god, these filler eps are just totally unwatchable. I have five eps waiting for me, so I'm trying to watch one (#137) now to catch up, but it's just so... ugh. Why in the world are the minor characters so poorly designed? I could draw a better character myself! And the story is so darned predictable! Mumble. I'm considering just deleting these and waiting till someone says the filler arc is finished...

* Samurai Champloo: Very strangely, I've lost all interest in this series. I have no idea why, as I did like it early on. I've had the last four eps downloaded forever, but I have no desire to watch them. I'm suspecting I'll see them dubbed on CN before I get around to watching them subbed...

* Damekko Doubutsu: What kind of excuse can I give for not keeping up with a series whose eps are only 10 minutes long? I guess a lot of the shine has worn off for me -- the silly stories and characters were amusing at first, but "silly" isn't what I look for in anime. I have 3 eps downloaded and waiting, and I'm behind in my downloading of the series.

Zatch Bell: Though I'm only following it on CN, basically the same thing I said about DD applies to it: The silliness is just totally killing my interest in the story. Zatch's voice makes me want to claw my ears off, and (as far as I can tell) there's no depth or character growth. (Zatch wants to be friends with everyone! The kid he works with (forgot the name) is standoffish! Oh no! Conflict!) I could be wrong about the 'no depth' thing, as I haven't closely watched the last few eps. Mostly I just leave it on in the background while I do other things.

I decided to use an anime icon for this post (duh), and this one has me thinking. I've wanted to re-watch Get Backers for so long, I really should make time to do it. It was one of the first series I watched, and I had liked it so much. Now that I'm more experienced with anime stuff, I wonder if I'd like it more or less?
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