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So tired... and FFXI stuff

I know I go through this every week, but: So tired, so tired. I really can't get to bed any earlier than I do (off computer by 11, lights off by midnight) because there's already so little of the evening when I get off at 11. But I have to get up too darned early for work! So: zzzzzz So tired.

The Admin characters have finally stopped showing up in my dreams every night. Oh, I wasn't dreaming about them every time, but the silly guys kept wandering through. Like one night I was dreaming about high school, and Toreth and Warrick were walking down a hallway, deep in conversation. I just stopped whatever I had been doing, watched them go by, then re-joined the dream's plot.


FFXI: Last night I watched a Ballista match (player vs player instead of the usual player vs game-run mob)! It was so so so exciting! No level cap, thus everyone was 70+. I must have watched them for a good 5 or 10 minutes! :) I took a ton of screenshots, but none came out too well.

From what I could see, it seems like DRKs must do really well in Ballista. (Sandy had 10 people, and at least 3 of them were DRKs.) Stun looked really handy. But on the Windy side there was a little Taru BLM who just totally owned everyone! *boom* Fireball! Everyone falls over dead! And a RNG had a funny macro (it was in /say which would usually be annoying, but it let me easier track what was going on so I didn't mind it much). "{Notice!} {death}! EES -> [name]". Every time he used the macro, the named person fell over dead! Hee!

One day I'm going to try it myself. I have no idea how to play, but I don't really care about scoring, I just want to try to fight other PCs!

FFXI/CoP: Since we're going to be doing the next mission (whatever the number is, 4-1? The one with the mob that flies and you need mistmelt to keep it down -- avoiding spoilers by not naming it), and since I can't go /THF for it, I'm pondering leveling WAR. It's 16 now, I wonder how far I could get it up in two weeks? I really, really hate the idea of random Dunes parties, but... Well okay, I hate the idea of random parties anywhere, but this would be necessary. I really don't have another good option for DRK sub for the mission. WHM is the only thing that wouldn't be gimped... /WHM is handy, but we'll have a ton of mages so it's not necessary.

On the plus side, leveling WAR would give me something to do, even if it might annoy me and not be too fun.

Decisions, decisions.
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