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Rarr! FFXI/weekend

Normal Friday and Saturday followed by an exciting Sunday. :) Mostly FFXI stuff.

Friday: Usual "subjob static". We only partied for, what, an hour and a half? Not much longer than we spent getting ready for the darned thing, but meh. I think we all got a level? One more week, then I should hit 34 and will be able to drop out. As much as I like partying with everyone, I'll be very, very, very happy to get my Friday nights back. (Before the static started, I always went out for dinner on Fridays to reward myself for getting through a week of work. I've really missed that!)

Saturday: Mostly boring. Did some farming and chocobo digging. I leveled digging! ...sort of, anyway. Unlike everything else in the game, so very little is known about digging. The general idea is that once you get to my level of digging, each time you level you'll decrease a certain time by 10 seconds. After "leveling", mine decreased by 5 seconds. o.O But I leveled for sure, because the quality of the stuff I'm digging up has really risen. Mmmm! I'm now getting "rare" things on a pretty regular basis! That means gold beastcoins (20K) on the Canyon, elm logs (10K) in the Highlands, etc. If I have the zone to myself, I can make pretty good money. (The big trick is getting the zone to myself. Hard and rare!)

Sunday: Sunday! Sunday! Today! Main job static! Eeeeeee! We clawed our way to 58 on XP mobs that were often giving us under 100 XP! In the last 2000 of XP, we almost never even hit 150 XP/kill. (Non-players: 200 is good XP, more is better but not too too common. 100 per kill is awful. 150 is a lot worse than we ever usually do.) But four of us hit 58! Which meant big things for me! Almost all my AF! And the best scythe ever! Finally! Finally I look like a real, true DRK! I'm so excited! I don't think I've been that proud of something I earned on the game since I got my leathercrafting apron a year or so ago!

Non-players: Your AF armor is something unique to your job. You have to do a quest (from hard to nearly impossible) for each of the five pieces. In addition to earning the pieces, you need to reach the minimum levels to use them. Unfortunately the stats on DRK AF suck pretty darned badly, but it's more than made up for by how darned cool it looks! (The sunglasses in the screenshot above are not part of the AF. I get the final piece, the head, at 60. It's black and has horns and looks as dark as the rest! Eeee!)

I ran into odd people over the weekend. I'm not sure what this one even meant, other than that I'm, um, "pimpin"...

And this one left me just totally boggling. I was "naked" (which makes it look like I'm wearing longjohns -- covered from chin to toe), this guy ran up and /checked me (a command to see what someone is wearing), then commented:

So excited about my AF. I just want to stay logged on so I can look at it! :)
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