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Happy anniversary! (FFXI only)

Know what today is? Exactly one year ago, 7/11/04, was the CurseTheYagudo/FinalInsanity parade! Which means it's also the anniversary of me joining the LS. :D (Okay, a day or two after the exact date, but close enough!)

Looking over those old screenshots now (at the above link), it's nice to see so many of the same faces still around, but sad to see the gone ones. BigKen! Bait! Nyp! BloodyBear (ha ha ha).

I remember how nervous I was at the time of the parade. The only people in the LS I really knew (Aurian, Ead, and Draque) weren't attending because it was too late, so I mostly didn't know anyone. Plus I was really low level (still WHM main at the time!!) so going into Giddeus was really scary!

But I'm so glad it all worked out. Even if the group has now split (re-split, I suppose) across two LSs, we're still one big family. One big Yagudo-killing family!

It so totally doesn't feel like it's been a year, but what a good year it's been!

<3 to you all!
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