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California is just way too hot. I can't wait for the summer to end! As an added bonus, the end of summer means it'll get dark earlier. I'm one of those wacky people who likes it when it gets dark about 6 PM. To me, it makes it seem like I'm going to bed later than I really am!

Someone (Zub, I believe) on the LS reported that the July update is this Monday from 8 AM to midnight PST. I can't find that confirmed anywhere, but if those really are the times, this will be the longest downtime we've ever had. I've never seen more than... 10? hours before. I don't think I've even seen 12.

(Edit: Here's a link to the news. The downtime is correct. *boggle* And it's not even the downtime for the patch! "During those hours, we will also be conducting server maintenance for FINAL FANTASY XI in preparation for the upcoming version update.")

I took a really nice screenshot at Eco tonight! FI/CTY gathered around Sylf and I. We make such a nice contrast in the middle of the picture: He's blond, I'm dark hair. He's a WHM, I'm DRK. Even our poses work really well together. The shot would be perfect if only Dilvias's face wasn't blocked by the name. And if you want to get into the joking end of the shot: Sylf and my love is so pure we actually sparkle! Seems fitting that DRK-related love would be the same color sparkles as a synth with a dark crystal.

Man, my AF may be totally useless for doing anything in (even with my life belt, 2 sniper's, and the ACC bonus from my collar I miss way too much), but it sure does look nice. :) And notice my HP! Over 1K for the first time! And in my real XP armor it's even higher. :D
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