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Thursday post!

Sometimes thinking of subject lines is hard.

Seems like everyone on my flist has been spoiled with stuff about the new Harry Potter book. I'm open to spoilers, and I haven't come across any. Supposedly there's a big one floating around? Anyone want to toss me a link to the post/info? (Edit: Okay, I've been spoiled. Holy Cow, what a massive spoiler!)

My page-a-day calender is from Lord of the Rings. I've not seen most of the movies and I've not read the books in 20-something years. My mother sent it to me for Christmas, and I like page-a-day calenders, so I've been using it. Today's picture is so darned odd that I actually had to cover it with a blank piece of paper. It's that funky guy (Golem? Spelling?) with his mouth around some long, black thing. He's half-smiling around it. His eyes are turned sharply up, as if looking at something above him. I swear to god, I kept catching the picture out of the corner of my eye and thinking he was giving something a blowjob. This freaky, ugly, grey thing having sex on my desk! Arg! But now the picture is covered with a blank post-it note, so I don't have to keep seeing it.

FFXI: I want a pet manticore! They're my second favorite monster! I love their coloring, and their eyes are so strange but realistic! And they look fierce! Like a pet who would happily eat your face!

Last night was okay. Did my usual amount of digging (three "runs" of it -- 30 stacks of greens each run. If I do that every day, I should level to A40 within a month. So slow, so slow, so expensive...). Either I'm getting closer to leveling or I had a good area/time, because I got a bunch of gold beastcoins. It's nice to be able to actually make a profit now! Not as big of a profit as I'd make on farming or making bolts/arrows, but at least it's something. I also got 15 red jars last night (grrr!). I had to drop a ton of them. I'm going to have to empty my house of them soon, because they're making it impossible to function if I'm HPed anywhere besides Sandy.

Between the diggings I actually did something more fun and a little useful. Draque needed a drop for some quest, so we went to Quicksand Caves and killed those cactus things (and ants and spiders) for a while. Too bad a darned NM showed up and we had to leave because we couldn't pull around it.

I got 1 level of scythe skillup and 2 levels of dark magic. Scythe is so so so so slow to level! I only get a few swings in per kill. This morning I realized that I should have just offered to pay one of the mages to keep me hasted the entire time. When I hit level 60 I'll be able to hit 200 on scythe... but I'm only 188 now (and level 58). They really should make it easier to get skillups on the slower weapons, since it takes so much longer for us to skill. Grumble.

I suppose I should consider joining some random skillup parties that people in Jeuno always shout for, but... I don't know. The idea of going into a highly aggro place with a bunch of people I don't know sounds really deadly. I wish LS people needed more keys or G1 items. Seems like no one has needed any in ages!

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