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{Japanese} {Can I have it?} (FFXI only)

After much time, effort, and trouble, I finally got my amemet mantle +1! I spent almost an entire day looking for it! Gasp! So much effort! I struggled and searched and--- okay. I spent a lunchtime shouting in Jeuno for one (none were up at the AH), then since there still wasn't one up when I got home from work, I checked the sales history and contacted the fellow who had sold the most.

And that's where my adventures with the Japanese leathercrafter(100+3) began!

Extra was the name of the crafter, and I offered to pay the going price at the AH:

What the heck does "uretyatta" mean? I asked a couple folks on the LS, but no one knew. However, based on the boggling face and the crying face, I took it to mean that he didn't have one. Or something. There was a few minute delay before I replied, since I had been hoping for a translation.

What do those backward C things mean before his "w"? On the line where he says "ok"? Poor fellow tried to trade with me during his synth (I didn't initiate the trade, he did) and lost everything. Supposedly you can trade and check and all that during a synth, but I never do.

A hide costs 370K, and a NQ result sells for 2-4K. The entire hide-history was Extra buying them for 370K. Even at 100+3, his chances for a HQ are only in the 30%-50% range, and he makes them non-stop, no matter the moon or day. (He was still making them tonight when I logged on to check the price of the hide.) I have no idea how he makes money on this...

And the final result:


Edit: Aurian had said her first guess was that he spoke English. (I used to do that a lot: pretend to speak Japanese to avoid people who wanted to bug me for stuff.) He was able to talk in squiggles though, and the "w" was in the right font for it to be Japanese, but if you look at his "ok^^" line, the ^^ on it is not the Japanese keyboard ^^s. They're pointy, like mine... Hm, though maybe he switched to the English letter keyboard so he could do the "ok"?

So yay! Once I hit 61 I'll be able to wear it! At first I was sad he didn't sign it (even though I don't know him, signed things are cool!), but then I figured maybe it wasn't so bad that he didn't; maybe people will see my leather skill listed in my bazaar comment and think I HQed it. Heh!

Next up: I think I'll go for HQed sniper's. They're "only" 4.something M. I'll have to save more money ahead first though.

I'm going to be the least "loldrk" there ever was! Or does all this make me the most? :P Kidding aside, I'm doing this because it makes me happy. I love playing DRK so much. :)
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