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Yay! Got the book! (no spoilers)

Okay, actually I got it almost an hour and a half ago. Yay! It was supposed to come by UPS, but instead the mailwoman (USPS) brought it. Oddness!

Know those scans that were flaoting around the net before the book's release? Of the first chapter and pages from later chapters? I'm happy to see that they were all true scans, real spoilers. :) Guess the rest of the spoilers will be real, too!

I'm only up to chapter 4. I'm mostly enjoying the story, if not her writing. I haven't been sucked into the storyline yet though. Every few pages I find myself checking to see how far till the end of the chapter, so I can see the comments posted on hbp_chapters. (Great comm idea, by the way! I'm loving seeing what others think!)

I'm kind of sad that there's so much fic on the net (HP fanfic and The Admin) that I enjoyed more (and got hooked on way faster) than HBP. HBP isn't bad, I just expected to be hooked by the story way before now. Hopefully it will happen at some point...

Edit: Heeheehee! British people are so funny!

Mrs. Weasley is talking:
"Sit down, dear, I'll knock something up.

*rolls and dies* Mpreg time at the Burrow? Poor (I assume) Mr. Weasley!

(For any British people reading this, in common American slang "kocked up" means to become pregnant. "She got knocked up." or "He knocked her up, that's why they had to get married.")

*dies more*

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