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Hating people muchly today... (RL stuff then PokeMUSH then FFXI)

Most days I don't even think about how much I dislike people in general. How inconsiderate and just plain stupid they can be. This weekend it was shoved in my face, over and over and over again.

Saturday night. 1 AM. At the pool just steps away from my bedroom window. Some idiots were having a party. They were, unsurprisingly, drunk. They were howling like dogs. At 1 AM. Howling and howling and howling. Which must be highly amusing to drunken assholes, because they were howling in laughter between their dog-howling. If you want to get drunk, fine and dandy. You have every right in the world to kill however many braincells you want to. But know what? No one else needs to hear you doing it!

I tried to ignore it, and eventually the party broke up. I figured I could sleep in Sunday morning, right? So why stress myself out.

For the second Sunday morning in a row, this couple (two old people, neither speaking a word of English) decided to do their laundry. At 6 AM. The laundry is located between the pool and my bedroom window, thus is even closer than the pool party was. These two talked loudly, laughed loudly, and of course the four washing machines they used all clanged and banged and such.

I've probably mentioned that once I'm awake I can't go back to sleep. Ever. And unlike what sometimes seems like the rest of the world, I never nap. I've tried, I can't.

So instead of catching up on my sleep this weekend, I have to go into what is going to be a bad week of work tomorrow with as little sleep as I had last week. Oh, and yes, I called the super to complain about the noise, but she was out of state. Again. I swear to god, that woman is out of state more than she's in...


Before I get into the real FFXI stuff, here's a little quote for the old PokeMUSH folks. :) Recall how innocent Hyper had started out, and I worked and worked and worked on him till I had him fitting in with the staff? It works on FFXI, too! Heeheehee.

Short LS chat quote for former PokeMUSH staffers..


FFXI had good and bad. The good is that most of the static hit 59! Me included! Yay! Another week with no death buffer at all, but I'm used to that by now. :) I got new armor at 59! It's not too pretty, but the stats are darned nice! +10 att, +10 acc. -20 eva, but... well, I guess that'll be even more reason for me not to get hate, right?

We battled goblins (and a few crabs) this week. Other than that I was only able to steal normal beastcoins from them (what the heck was up with that?), I loved fighting them. Since I had two ways to stun (the stun spell and weapon bash), I was on bomb-stunning duty with BLM Draque. This is the first party in months and months that I wasn't bored after the first battle! Having to watch the chat window so closely gave me something to do. :)

Here's the FFXI part of "I hate people": For one of the first times ever, I got to see how darned bad a MMORPG could be. How bad it could be dealing with other people on the game. We were leveling in a place where a NM with a popular drop spawned, so we had parties of gilselles, parties of HNMLS people, and other parties looking for the NM. And most of them killed everything. Not just the placeholders for the NM, but our boring, useless (to them) XP mobs, too. And their comment to us? "If you can't keep up, go somewhere else." Buh. We were there to XP! We were 20 levels below them! We weren't there to steal the NM or otherwise hurt their chances!

At one point one of them insulted us by calling us "nubs", and that was worth a good laugh. He meant "noob" (newbie), but... ha. Nub!

Most weeks after static I'm frantic to do RL stuff: I have lots of RL work to do, need to clean the catbox, have dinner, etc. A ton of stuff to do in a couple hours. Right as we were breaking up I heard that a G2 run was going out, so I offered to go along and help. (That's how our LS works: You get help when you need it, but in return you're there to give help back. No leaching, no just getting help for yourself, none of that.) It was just Ashn and Ead (both RDMs, both 74-ish level?), me (DRK 59), and the person who needed it (Des - NIN). The fights were actually a challenge! Death was almost never too too close (Ashn ate an AM that we all had missed and thus never stunned, and he dropped down to 8 HP, but pulled through). If I hadn't had to sneak/invisible through the Glacier, I actually would have enjoyed it. For one of the first times ever, I felt like I was actually helping in an event like this! I actually damaged the mobs, some/many of my spells stuck, etc. And, while it may sound seriously odd, DRK/WHM works well for things like the G2 runs.

(Edit: I'm not sure I really needed to sneak. Everything I checked was EP--. I thought the rule was EP and above aggros, TW things never do, but Ead and Ashn said EP-- things don't aggro. *boggle* How could I not have ever heard that before, when I've been playing this long? Glad I know it now!)

...bah, I can't believe it's after 10 PM, and I'm only just done with the Sunday stuff I need to do. Whole day gone. ; ;
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