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Yo! LS folks! And HP and RL and stuff

Everyone's favorite Merrkitty, Merlee, now has a LJ! merrkitty! Oh, she wouldn't get one when I suggested it, but when a certain sprout hat-wearing kittygirl tells her to? Heehee, well happy to have you on LJ! :) *sends much love to Merr*

Still reading HBP. So annoying that I couldn't read most of my flist this morning because I haven't finished the book yet. (I read every spoiler I could get my hands on before the book came out, I know all the big events still to come, so why don't I want to see them now?) I'm in chapter 21 right now, page 481.

Work was as bad as I expected it to be. Worst day I've had in a long time. Week will be at least as bad. Life sucks.

Wish FFXI was up right now. I'd really, really, really like to do some mindless farming. Nothing like killing defenseless dhalmels to put me in a better mood...

On the money end of FFXI, I'm thinking of saving for something more useful than a sniper's +1. Maybe a Hauby +1? Those are much much more (12 million, I think? Just based on the one I spotted in a bazaar). *looks Hauberk +1 up* Only +12 attack, +12 acc, str +6, and dex +6 over the NQ's +10 attack, +10 acc, str +5, and dex +5 (level 69). Mumble. On the HQ, the str and dex would add another 3 points onto the acc and att. +15 att and +15 acc, +12 to both for the NQ. Worth 12M? ...why is this so darned complex?

Mumble. I need to go eat. Damned work, I didn't get breakfast or lunch today.
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