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What the hell?!?!? (FFXI)

This morning I got the update downloaded. It did the checking files, it downloaded, it gave me the 'update successful, must restart window', and the window restarted. I wasn't able to log on after that, but no biggie, right?

I decided to try to log on now, so I could be online for Eco tonight. Kept failing, then finally got through... and it started downloading and checking files again! What The Hell? I went through the update once, now it's trying to do it again! And, of course, failing, because 50,000 other people are trying to hit the same server as me.

Dammit. Dammit. Dammit. Having to do the damned update once is bad enough, but what sort of bug is this that makes me need to do it twice!

If you don't see me at Eco, you'll know why.

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