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Justice League Unlimited and Zatch Bell (TV/cartoons)

With this week's ep, Justice League Unlimited has become my new favorite cartoon on TV. (Not being on TV, Bleach doesn't count.) Who would have thought that a non-anime series would be so perfectly to my taste? Adult themes (as in grown-up, not adult-sexually -- though there are grown-up relationships and interactions, too), darkness, a nice bit of angst, real flawed human characters, and death. Seriousness. Amazing character interactions and relationships.

But this week's ep had some of the best writing I've seen, cartoon or non-cartoon. Not even just the storyline (which ties together multiple cartoon series and really develops the characters), but the way the ep is ... laid out? Plotted? I'm not sure how to describe it. How the scenes inter-cut with each other... where dialogue crosses between scenes. Example:

Batman breaks old lady's cup. He apologizes, "I'm sorry..."
Scene changes, younger Batman is talking to young girl, " just won't work out between us."

Cutting back and forth between scenes -- perfect!

It's sort of boggling that Zatch Bell airs right after JLU. I don't even "not like" Zatch Bell anymore, I've gotten into actively disliking it. And that something so silly airs after something so serious just drives me further away from it. (Some folks *cough*hamburger*cough* would argue my wording of that, but that's how I see it. :) )

I must take some time to change Tivo: stop it from grabbing Zatch Bell and make sure it picks up JLU.
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