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Blarg. (RL, FFXI)

Having a nightmare is bad enough, but having one about a good thing is especially annoying. Last night I had a nightmare in a The Admin setting. I said something bad about the government, and even though it was a mistake (it came out while I was rhyming with a group of children -- it had just been the first thing that I thought of that rhymed!) they were going to torture me to death for it. The dream was WAY too graphic and real.

Work is still as bad as last week, but our deadline is today so hopefully after today things might get somewhat better. I'd like to say "things couldn't get much worse", but that's never true here.

I think the weeks' worth of stress have finally caught up to me. I've had no appetite for three days now. Blarg.

FFXI last night helped not in the least. Not at all. It could possibly be the worst time I've ever had on the game. We needed to farm some items for our mission, and right as we were starting it was announced 'Thistle is pulling!'. Oh joy. 'Well, okay,' I said to myself. 'I was sort of okay with pulling in the desert, I can do it here, too!' WRONG WRONG WRONG. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong, and I was dead on the first (or second?) pull. God damn it all, I've not died in MONTHS, and there I was face down in the dirt.

And the pulls the rest of the night went little better. I didn't die again, but I got down to half-life on most of them (and low orange on one). Either that zone was funky or they lowered xbow ranges in the RNG "nerf". I had to get way too close to the mobs to kill them (close enough to have them show up on my radar, which was also aggro range. I might as well have been aggro-pulling!), and those things were fast. High level people will probably laugh at me for not knowing this, but: They had to have been running faster than me. I didn't know mobs could do that... I'd shoot them from the max xbow range, and before the animation for putting the weapon away stopped, the damned mob was on me and hitting me. (No, I didn't wait for the animation to stop before I tried to run, I was pounding the keys so I'd take off as soon as the game would let me.)

This morning I realized I was lucky we were in a capped area: If I had been wearing my Hauby (-20 eva), I'd be dead. Oh wait, 'dead again'. Ha ha ha.

On top of this, I had to deal with a sometimes-LS member last night. (One of those who went off to a HNM LS and only returns to brag about this or that.) She wanted me to craft for her, but she's on my Do Not Craft For list (heck, she was the first person on it, I created the list because of her). She wouldn't take a fricking hint, so finally I had to say outright 'I'm not going to craft for you. You told me to "fuck off" on the LS, and while I'd love to craft for everyone, that's enough to get me to not craft for you' or something like that. I don't like confronting people, but it was that or do her damned synth. Mostly I hope the people on my list (all two of them, ha ha) won't poke me to craft for them. Oh well, now there's only one left who doesn't know I won't craft for him!

We're going to miss Eco tonight, which is sad but necessary. Need to farm more items for the mission. Still not excited about this coming mission (if anything, now I'm rather pissed at it), but oddly I'm excited about the next one. The three promy bosses. (Though I see there's a little group-fighting we'll need to do before that...)

Anyway: Blarg. Have a major headache (so bad my eyes are watering), but must start work now. Blarg.

Aurian: Please please please bring pebbles tonight. If I have to pull again, I will throw myself to those darned drakes and save them the work of chasing me to eat me. :)

Oh, I almost forgot I had a screenshot for today. A roc! Biiiig birdy! A new mob I hadn't seen before. I had a bunch of screenshots from us fighting one, but they were taken at night and so came out too dark.
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