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Okay, I give up: Help! (FFXI people)

Trying to edit the video of the 4-2 CoP fight is much, much harder than the fight itself. I've been beating at various programs for two hours, and I finally made a little progress with one... but it will only save in some odd format that only it can use, so it turns out to be useless!

Please tell me what video editing programs you use? Especially if you have something you like that's free?

I have a great song to use and I know just how I want to edit the videos (use a chunk from here and a chunk from there with the song in the background). It shouldn't be this hard! But for tonight I give up. It's late and I haven't even had dinner (and I promised myself I'd be better about eating!) so enough of this video. For now.

Oh, by the way, we beat the fight. I stuck my notes on it n my CTY journal.
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