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TGIF, baby! (FFXI)

Yay! Almost the weekend! I feel like I've been such a slacker on the game this week -- I've not made a single gil at all! Monday and Tuesday were farming for the mission, Wednesday was the mission, and yesterday was the swimsuit event. If I'm going to get my Hauberk +1, I can't keep slacking off! I'm still 3 million short of it. Yeah, I'll get 4 million or so when I sell my Haubergeon back, but I'd rather have the Hauberk +1 now, ahead of time and ready for when I hit 69. Plus, after I buy the HQ (12 million, gah), I'll need the cash from selling the Haubergeon back.

And by the way, might I take a moment to protest these names? For 4.8 million, I expect a name easier to spell than "Haubergeon"! And honestly, Hauberk is not much better...

But anyway, the swimsuit event! I can't say it was really fun, but it was easy and fast (so long as you don't get stuck with a partner too stupid to live). I got two HQ pieces for Thistle and NQ pieces for the mules I want to be wearing them, so I'm pretty much done with the event.

It's just too bad that the swimsuit makes me look like I should either be standing on a streetcorner waiting for a john, or like I walked off the set of some low budget 70s porno. There are some character models, even male hume character models, the suits look good on, but mine is NOT one of them. Heh. I still boggle every time I look at that swimsuit. It just looks so wrong on me.

And speaking of "wrong", there's something that annoys me even more than how the suit looks: I should have more muscles, darned it. I wear AF that's made of enough metal to armor a tank, and I wear it all the time. I swing a scythe that's bigger and heavier than half the people I party with. I should have more darned muscle than shows in that picture! (Yeah, yeah, I know, limitations of the game, but still!)

So anyway, must farm and chocobo dig lots this weekend. Or at least as much as I can. I want to edit the dragon video, too. (Thanks Sylf! The link worked! Though I haven't tried to start it yet, but I have it! So yay!)

Lin and Ebin's wedding is Saturday. I'm going as /WHM so I can sneak/invisible without burning oil/powder, but I'm also bringing a warp object because I am NOT NOT NOT going to stress myself trying to get up the mountain. If I fall off once and want to give up? *warp* If I allow a second try and then fall off? *warp* Everyone has a right to choose where they want to be married. Hall of the Gods? Through the highest level mobs in the game? Fine. In Castle Evil Demon Whateveritscalled? Fine and dandy, your choice. Up an impossible-to-climb mountain? Knock yourself out if that's what makes you happy. But you can't expect your guests to put themselves through hell getting there. Heck, if I ever got married on game (...ha ...ha. *sob*), I would pick no where but a newbie zone or inside a city. I would not want to stress my friends out trying to get them someplace hard. (end rant)
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