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It's gonna be a long night...

My cat's going in for her ultrasound tomorrow, and so they might need to sedate her (cats tend not to like to be on their backs for 20-30 minutes). This means she can't have food tonight or tomorrow.

I took her food away at 5. It's now 9:45. She's ever so starved (*cough* Really. Starved.), she's literally meowing non-stop. Not really 'meow, meow', she's "talking". 'Mmmmmr! Mmmrrrowl! Aaaaowl! Mmmmh! Ahhhrrrowl!' It's gonna drive me insane.

mallen paid me a surprise visit tonight, to give me my Christmas gift. (Mmm, sugar!) It was funny, he was pounding on the door so hard I couldn't decide if it was the cops or a robber or something. You'd hate it if I tried to bake you something, so wanna do dinner sometime, Mr. Knocksalot? Assuming the storm doesn't wash us all away tomorrow.
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