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Busy Tuesday night.

Oh, I suppose this will be a FFXI-only post. I guess that's a sign that my life is pretty good right now; when I post about RL it's mostly to bitch, so 'no news is good news' applies.

Mucho adventures last night. After the LS's weekly Eco run (yay free 900-something XP for THF), we went into Riverne - Site #B01 to do the NM fight for the Riverne maps. I got to see (and fight) Moblins for the first time! Well okay, there's a NPC Moblin in Sandy, but he doesn't really count. Darned ugly critters. (I have a couple screenshots, but had no time to edit them last night.) With 12? 14? 16? people at the fight, the NMs went down fast. My only concern was people running up to the NMs (HELLO! DRAKES THERE! THEY AGGRO! Grrrr, idiots.) instead of pulling them back to the safe area by the group.

I wish I could move through Misareaux Coast without aggro. Aggro is starting to make me grumpy. Grumpier. I know there are places where I'll always get aggro, but I'd like to see some of these places stop being aggro... Maybe hitting 60 this weekend will make the difference and push all the beastmen there into TW.

Before Eco and after the NM fight I tried to mine for more silica. (I have a second goldfish kit, so I'd like to make another tank to give, sell, or display on a mule.) Only got 3 pieces in 3-4 hours digging. Bah. For the first time ever I'm seeing lots of other diggers in the Maze. Used to be I could dig in there for days on end and never see another digger. *grump* <-- ha ha, RL grumping, not 'silly angsty DRK' grumping.

Tonight I should farm. My mules are currently empty of stuff to sell (gasp!). Problem is, I don't have enough online hours on weekdays to get them filled up... Bah. Stupid needing a RL job. I'm never going to get enough money on-game at this rate. Grump.
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