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Oh no! It's sanity! *beats it till it goes away*

More FFXI only stuff. Two FFXI-only things, in fact!

1) The game (or my computer?) is currently having some seriously major issues. I've been digging in the Maze looking for silica, and I'm getting that tabbing=freezing bug. Or at least mostly it's that, sometimes it freezes while I'm just running. I was home for an hour for lunch both today and yesterday. Today I froze 4 times. Yesterday I froze 5 times. In an hour. And when I say "freeze" I mean my whole PC locks up. alt-tab does nothing, ctrl-alt-delete does nothing, turning it off does nothing. I need to unplug it to force a reboot.

Once today (the last crash/freeze) ctrl-alt-delete actually worked, and while I couldn't stop the programs by hand (pol and the full screen process were listed as 'not responding', but I couldn't end them), when I went into the processes and killed pol.exe by hand that ended it and I could restart the game.

This is a really big problem cause, you know, you kinda got to tab around if you expect to mine/dig. I'm not sure if it's happened in zones other than the Maze. I think not, but I could be wrong. (Plus I've spent 90% of my online time in the last few days in the Maze.)

2) This is that 'Oh no! It's sanity! *beats it till it goes away*' subject line point. I've been thinking about HQ stuff again. Since a Hauberk +1 is so much more expensive (and rare) than a Hauberk NQ, I decided to look at the HQed thick pieces to see if they'd be a better value.

NQ thick piece: 100K. (Accuracy: 2 Attack: 4 Evasion: -2)
HQ thick piece: 1-1.1M. (Accuracy: 2 Attack: 6 Evasion: -2)

A million more for +2 attack? For just one piece of the... four? thick pieces I need? (Edit: Wait, three pieces, I think? Hands, feet, legs?)


The HQ Hauberk has a lot more increased stats.
HQ = Def: 48 STR: 6 DEX: 6 Accuracy: 12 Attack: 12 Evasion: -10
NQ = Def: 47 STR: 5 DEX: 5 Accuracy: 10 Attack: 10 Evasion: -10

+2 acc, +2 att, +1 dex, +1 str. But that's for.. 8-11 million more in cost.

*sighs more*

It's really just not sane to be considering these pieces. But... I want them. But at those prices it doesn't make much sense... But...

Hm. On the other hand, if I were to buy 4 HQ thick pieces at 1 million extra each, I'd get +8 att for 4 million. The acc on the Hauberk would be nice, but... +8 attack for 4M vs. +2 attack/+2 acc for 8-11 million extra. ("Extra" being cost above the NQ price.)

Maybe that should be my plan. Get the HQ thick pieces as they become available (they're not sold very often) and then save for the HQ Hauberk after...

I wish the sane part of me would shut up and stop telling me how stupid it is to be considering all these HQs.
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