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Big things and little things (FFXI)

A bunch of bits and pieces:

1) Cehra (yshyn): You should get a contact address for draymor so you can send him any heart attack-related medical bills. He gave me an idea (of something not to do), and now it's stuck in my head and won't go away. :) Why is it that when a WHM suggests not doing something I want to do it all the more? Heh heh heh. So anyway, I was babbling about it on the LS last night:

Guillotine (4 hits) + SE + SATA = *drool*

That'd take me down 40% of my health in seconds, but if the TA part was set up right all the hate would go onto Ashn (NIN tank) and there'd be no/little risk of death to me. Man, adding 400+ damage onto a SATA'ed WS just by using SE? So so so sexy.

SE is totally my favorite part of being a DRK. I love the idea of literally being able to give part of myself to do more damage. Sometimes I wish that the DRK two hour worked in reverse (right now it drains for as much as you hit for) -- that it'd be like a supercharged SE... but that'd be sort of suicidal, I suppose.

2) I wish our LS would go do some other big fight. Like Beanie's kicking boots NM ant thing, but bigger/longer. (Didn't Ead want a pair of those for his MNK? We should go back and do it again!) This morning I watched a video of a HMN fight and it was so cool. I'd love a fight that goes on for an hour or more! It'd be so different (and so much more exciting!) than the little fights we do.

3) Did tons of farming last night. Not enough farming of course (there's no such thing as "enough farming"), but a lot of it. Drops were amazingly good (3 stacks of coeurl whiskers, 1.5 stacks of meat, 12 hides in a couple hours -- that's 2-3 times more than I usually get in the amount of time I spent!).

I also finally got the last piece of silica I needed to make the second glass sheet. Woo! No more digging! Or at least not till Ead starts making the tanks, if I need to get my own for that. I spent three or four whole nights digging in the Maze -- I was starting to feel like I was growing moss from being underground for so long!

4) Still no armor. *sadness* No HQ thick pieces have been listed in the Jeuno AH yet, and I'm sort of not wanting to contact the chick with the Hauby +1 in her bazaar yet. She has it listed for 14M. I'd like to offer her a lower price and see if she'd go for it, but I think offering 10M would probably be insulting? I wanted to wait till I got to 12M before making an offer, but maybe I'll just wait till 11M... but then it might be sold by then! Bah bah bah.
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