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FFXI and Bleach and ... stuff.

Last night I had a dream that I was cooking pancakes for the most famous HP fanfic writers on my flist. Each of them only wanted four pancakes, except one pair who wanted to share four between them. I woke up really wanting pancakes for breakfast. :/

FFXI! Most of the night was uneventful (farm, farm, farm, farm), but we did an Escort run on the fly. I took some screenshots but I totally brainfarted on editing them, so you'll have to trust me on this: Guillotine broke 800 damage! Before I learned it, I almost never did more than 500 (200-300 was much more common, sometimes falling below 200), but every time I used it in CN I hit 600-800! Woo! I'm glad for this, because I was really getting worried at my ability to DRK. ("And here on the left we have Thistle. He's the DRK who can't do more than double-digit damage!")

Zubis the cute cool PLD went out to join us on the Escort run, and I got to discover just how little I know about partying with a PLD. (Isn't that odd? But I've spent 12 out of the last 15 or so months on the game partying with nothing but NIN tanks.) He used Cover on me after my first Guillotine did 800+ (800+! *happy giggle*), and I was like 'Uh? Am I supposed to stay behind you now?'. Heh. Too bad I wondered about that after I had already ran away from him. (Other than when I'm SATAing, I always stand on the opposite side of the mob than the main tank, so I moved out of habit.)

Hm, I wonder how long it will be before I can do 1K+ damage? Next level I get amemit mantle +1 (+15 attack), then at 63 I get my bomb core (+12 attack), in the latter half of the 60s I get 3 thick pieces (a total of +12 attack for NQ, total of +15 attack for HQ), and my Hauby +1 at 69 (+12 attack). Wow, that's a lot of +attack! :D

I need to look into food, too. See when I need to consider upgrading from my coeurl dish...


Bleach: I had been saving the new ep to watch on Monday, so that I'd have something good to do during the game downtime.

At first I was sort of annoyed that they weren't following the main storyline (teaching Ichigo), but this subplot had its moments. Most of those moments being Mayuri-related.

I've never been creeped out by an anime character as much as I have by him. I couldn't even put my finger on why. I've encountered other characters like him (Ochi-whatever in Naruto, for example), but Mayuri just does it better. How he hurt his sub-captain even when she was already so badly wounded? How he talked so casually about experimenting on what's-her-name? Eeee, so cool and so icky!

But mostly I liked the ep because it made me wonder about things. I had assumed that the shinigami were mostly good (that they existed to do good things). Sure there were some members with questionable morals, but Mayuri shot that theory dead in the water. Mayuri is evil, he has to be... unless the shinigami work by totally different standards than we do. Which is possible. Which keeps me wondering. And a show that keeps me thinking about it is a good thing. :)

Please: No spoilers. If you read the manga and thus know the answers to the things I mention, please don't tell me. :)

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