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*gasp* A HP rec!

How long has it been since I've made a HP rec? I'm sort of not as into the fandom as I used to be (I want to be as into it as I had been, I bookmark tons of fics to read later, but "later" never seems to come). But as usual, a rec from isiscolo was enough to make me look at this now, and I'm so happy I did!

Gorey Spoilery Alphabetic Guide to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (A-F so far) by naadi.

The art is so Gorey-perfect, and the text is so dark and amusing! I love things that can keep me snickering.

I think A might be my favorite one as a whole, but I loved the art for C best (Gah, Draco! I've never, ever felt sorry for him before!). F made me snicker the most. Heeheehee.

Just a reminder, in case the text in the link isn't enough: It does contain strong spoilers for HBP.

More Letters Needed NOW, please!
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