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Busy, busy

I haven't had much time to do anything worth posting about, let alone think about posting. Time to read others' LJs is snatched around work foo.

Crazy, crazy busy work. QA testing coming out of my ears, non-stop. It used to be the exception at work, under half of our time went to testing, now nearly all of it does. IT SUCKS ASS. When I finally get home, all I want to do is sit down and play Animal Crossing. I don't need to think in AC, and even the MUSH can't give me that not-needing-to-think.

Tired. Not sleeping enough. Grumpy. Lots of headaches.

That sounds like a lot of complaining, but in general I'm a happier camper. (Outside work, anyway.) I'm tired and stressed, but unlike a couple weeks ago, it's not that 'life sucks and will never get better, so what's the point?' sort of thing. I'm really not happy about the lack of time off for Christmas, but...that it's not just me who needs to be here every day but one of the Christmas vacation makes it a little better. Sucky cow orker is taking that week off, which means more work for me, but hopefully all of our customers will be taking that week off as well.

I really want a vacation, but my next two periods of time off in the next year will have to go to when my mother visits. :/ I like seeing her, but I need time to myself as well.

Work calls.
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