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Zzzz, Tuesday

I think my amusement at horrible typing is a holdover from my MUSHing days. I almost love seeing typing so bad that I can't hardly even figure out what they're trying to say -- it just makes me giggle so much! So last night when I came across this bazaar message, I peered at it and then broke out in snickers.

I know "Save a horse, ride a..." is an established saying, but I thought after "ride a..." usually came cowboy? What in the world is this guy trying to tell us to ride? My best guess is "barbarian", but that doesn't make much sense...

So tell me!

Edit: To those guessing "His name", nope. ...or at least not unless he typoed it really, really badly.

What is he trying to tell us to ride?

In the continuing trend of my FFXI life, as soon as I hit a million gil (my minimum amount I need before I'll let myself start looking for a Thick HQ piece), I find myself needing to make a big purchase. Unlike the bomb core from a couple days ago, this one isn't quite as necessary, just sort of necessary.

My xbow before that was level 30, and I'm level 60, so it was quite out of date. If I used it in static I would say it was a totally necessary upgrade, but since I don't it wasn't quite as important to get it un-gimped. (However, if I can get marksmanship up, I'll gleefully use it in static. Acid bolts? Bloody bolts? Quicker TP building? Yes, please!)

And while I slept very, very little last night (*cry* zzzz) I did have a FFXI dream!

So (somehow) Aurian, Ead, Draque, and I were XPing together on our main jobs. (And silly me was XPing in my AF!) We had two more members to round out the party, but they were shadowy and I don't know who they were supposed to be. We were XPing in... Sandy! We were supposed to be staying in North Sandy (South was too easy and Port was too hard), but Aurian kept zoning over to Port to pull from.

Except her "pulling" was sort of in reverse. What she would do is run off, find a dinosaur-type mob for us to fight, then run back to us and poke/tease/tug us till we followed her to it instead of bringing it back to us. :P

The fights were really, really hard, but no one died. The mobs looked like those minotaur, but much much much bigger.

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