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Happy Friday! Yay!

My theory on sex, life, and just about everything else is 'So long as everyone involved is an adult and consents, and no one else is harmed, do whatever you like', so it always comes as something of a shock to me when I snicker/giggle at someone's sexual preferences. Following a link in a non-LJ blog, I came across this book for sale on Amazon and I swear that I spent about five minutes giggling and snickering at the cover image. (Note: It's probably not work safe? No naughty bits are shown, but it's suggestive.) The book's title is 'Woof! Perspectives into the Erotic Care & Training of the Human Dog', and that's part of my amusement, I think. "Woof!" paired with the guy in the so so so silly mask (silly in my opinion, anyway) just sends me into giggles.


FFXI: Last night was another eye-hunting night. (For the O-Hat eyes.) In about six hours we got... five? six? eyes? Not great, especially when some people came in, killed two mobs, and got an eye. We were killing five mobs every 16 minutes, plus we had TH2 and two or more THs in the party.

I was very, very good hate-wise all night (wasn't bad even once!), which makes it all the more annoying that I nearly died. Our main tank's attention wasn't on the event at all, and he missed the first half of the battles more than a couple times. DRK tank = dead tank. Grrrrrrrr. Luckily rocking Beanie was a great backup tank. But really, at level 72 one should know it's totally unacceptable to keep going AFK without saying anything. Especially when you're main tank. Especially doing it over and over again. Totally unacceptable.

I did end up gaining 12 levels in marksmanship (WOO WOO WOO) and 10 in great sword (...yay...). I have a really hard time getting excited about GS. I know it can be a very good thing for DRKs to use, but... I love my scythe and hate having to use other weapons.

Does anyone have a link to that page that tells you what food to use at what skill level? I want to bring racc food next time, so I can skill marksmanship better. I'd really like to get that up to a level where I could use it in XP parties.

This was a first for me, I've never been involved in anything past a chain 5 before:

Other than some LS drama and the tank issue, the night went mostly well. Eye hunting in KRT was nice because all five of the mobs spawned in one little room, and we have a mostly safe camp next to it. (One bat spawns in the camp, but it's easy enough for a group to take care of.)

I'm really, really not looking forward to going to that Ugg-place and the Den of Rancor. I've only been to Ugg-whatever during Summerfest last year, and it looked like a very aggro-y place.
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